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We help our community of partners to continually build in-demand skills throughout their teams, wherever they're working from. Energising live learning experiences, combined with on-demand resources, inspire self-directed development around the challenges of the day.

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Facilitated remotely or in person; our bitesize learning experiences bring people together to challenge their thinking, share and experiment.

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Mobile-first and moreish; our ever-growing libraries of just in time learning help your teams to 'discover, try and apply' new skills in the flow of work.

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Micro-Learning that teams love
Micro-Learning that teams love

Focussed bursts of ideas and activities; delivered in Slack, email or wherever teams are working — designed to effortlessly and engagingly establish positive behaviours and habits.

New talent coming through
New talent coming through

Next-Gen leaders is a mutually valuable mentoring programme connecting your managers with ambitious and diverse young people for transformative learning and development.

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How confidence works

Continuing our exploration into the new science of self-belief; we've teamed up with psychologist, neuroscientist and co-director of the Global Brain Health Institute, Ian Robinson to identify proven approaches for upping our confidence quotient. In this open resource we've boiled down six key ideas on confidence (how to get more of it personally, and build it in others) shared by Ian in recent workshop sessions.

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Tools for time

Perhaps our most precious resource, time is so often something we don't use with intention or protect with purpose. In our 90 minute live Making Time session, You Can Now coach and productivity maestro Caroline Laycock works us through a proven programme of tools and techniques for control of our most finite commodity.

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Making networking more natural

Brand consultant and former Chairman of advertising agency BBH London; Jim Carroll, nostalgically reflects on the nuance of networking, the behaviours of those who do it well and its modern meaning in our ‘always on’ world.

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Bitesize and behaviourally driven

Alongside our live, experiential courses — our partners' teams can access ever-growing libraries of just-in-time digital learning, with expert led video, eCourses and other timely tools to help them with the challenges that matter the most right now.

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