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12th December 2017 — What's new

Member Events

Coaching mindsets, lessons from launching and drawing are all on the winter schedule.


Creative Leadership

We've launched a new three month programme to collectively build capabilities.

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  • Nov 24th 2017

    Crafting creative relationships

    Next in our series of sessions for agency founders, we'll explore the 'trusted advisor' philosophy, and how it can help to make clients love us even more.
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  • Nov 22nd 2017

    Design Learnings

    This session, the second in a new series, will see eight designers gather in the Library, with two of the group presenting and debriefing on a recently completed project.
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  • Nov 21st 2017

    Studio Managers and Marketing

    On the 5th of December, we'll bring together a group of studio managers in the Human After All studio to discuss the relevance of marketing in their roles.
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