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We’ll help your leaders and teams to build the most relevant skills for work today — with our brain-friendly blend of resources, experiences, and communities of practice.

Growing together
Growing together

From foodie favourites to FTSE 100 firms, detail-loving design studios to scaling tech-stars — our partners connect their people's continual development to their cultural and commercial success.

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NeuroAware. Enabling every mind
NeuroAware. Enabling every mind

Join a community of leading organisations putting Neurodiversity awareness and Neuroinclusive action at the heart of their DE&I, culture change and leadership agendas.

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A low fixed-cost, for unlimited learning
A low fixed-cost, for unlimited learning

Our partners' teams can have continual access to a weekly programme of live workshops, cohort based programmes, self-directed eCourses and micro-learning — and with purposeful, personalised pathways (and clever tech) keeping all on point to performance priorities.

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Andy O'Callaghan, Dishoom

Coaches answering coaching questions

Episode #4 Louise Hedges

Everyday learning for everyone

In the short film below, Zoë and Kim from The Very Group describe how, through inclusive experiences and everyday experiments, we're enabling people throughout the business to find continual opportunities to flex new skills and behaviours in the flow of work.