Making connections, building capabilities

Since 2001 we've been building a diverse community of creatively-minded people, teams and organisations and bringing them together to work and learn in mutually valuable ways.

Our members include design maestros like Michael Wolff and rising illustrative stars like Alice Bowsher, sporting giants like adidas and global crusaders like Greenpeace, newly formed design studios like Koto and big agencies like BBH. Collectively we believe that openly sharing our knowledge, skills and experience is the best way to build our capabilities, enrich our networks and grow our businesses.

We bring our members, and their teams, together around collective areas of interest, challenges and opportunities; connecting them with new ideas, new ways of working and new partners to work with. Our members can access a weekly programme of in-person learning, supporting digital platform, curated peer groups and the daily expertise and support of our own central team — focussed on their individual goals. 

Read more about our community, membership and ways we can help you, your team or business.

28th May 2018 — What's new

Our events calendar

Discover our weekly programme of talks, workshops and roundtables all rooted in your interests and goals.

Tailored partnerships

Find out how we help organisations like adidas, WeTransfer and Lush to build capabilities among their teams.

"Feels like the antidote to so much unimaginative and unmemorable training”
Charlotte Emmerson, The Guardian
"Partnering with YCN has connected our future leaders with inspiring peers from around the world”
Sonia Thorel, adidas Group
"So beautifully personalised, with every group I’ve joined hugely engaged”
Laura Corbett, Everyman Cinemas
"Unmissable events and a brilliant digital layer”
Robert Arbuthnot, Red Bull
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    Magazines in the Library

    Join us on the 6th of June as we welcome Conor Purcell to the library to talk us through his Magazine Blueprint

    More on that here
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    Diversify the inputs

    Koto co-founder Jowey Roden shared some valuable learning at a recent breakfast session on building a business, including the importance of looking outward.

    See the presentation
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    You with skill

    We've announced new dates for Mark Shayler's hugely popular one-day session on authentic presenting in the Library at Shoreditch House.

    More on that and more
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    Knowledge transfers

    We're helping the file-sharing supremos at WeTransfer to build key capabilities among their central team, through peer led sessions.

    More on such partnerships

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Our central team works from a renovated warehouse on Rivington Street in London, combining
a ground floor lending library, two floors of workspace and a rooftop too.


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