Case studies

Collaborative partnerships, rooted in growth

Combining access to our platform with tailored training and development — the selection of case studies shared here offers an insight into the impact of our collaborations with creative, growing and digitally driven organisations.


Performance enhancing partnerships

Case Study: Supporting everyday inclusion at the Very Group
Case Study: Supporting everyday inclusion at the Very Group

Combining self-directed digital learning with live, experiential and expert-led workshops — we helped the digital retailer to engage 98% of their workforce in collaborative, value-aligned and individually actionable inclusion. Ongoing evaluation is revealing sustained behaviour change; from the way meetings are facilitated to the the shared vocabulary captured in regular DE&I pulse surveys.

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Brain-friendly training for branding experts

The Koto team globally is driven to build brands with rich narratives; to create work that doesn't just look good, but which makes people feel something. Our partnership presents Koto teams in London, NYC, LA, Berlin and Sydney with equally compelling development opportunities daily

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Developing managers globally

For the footwear and culture makers, we've collaboratively crafted and delivered a global management development programme; deeply rooted in the mindset and skillsets to lead modern teams and mapped to highly recognised cultural cues.

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Modern management modules for money maestros

We worked with cohorts of people-managers across the fast-growth fintech, to equip them with core skills for meaningfully enabling distributed teams. Asynchronous self-direct modules coupled with short, experiential virtual workshops blended to do the business.


Enabling thousands of people across hundreds of partners

The relevance of YCN's approach made our team re-think training from something that happened to them, to an experience that they wanted to be part of and that would actually make their lives easier.

Julia Ingall, Head of People — Ennismore