Collective knowledge at the point
of need. That's the plan for Can

Our pioneering learning platform enables the capture and evaluation of learning goals, and a digital approach to serving them.

Can intelligently supports knowledge sharing among groups and across networks, and in personalised ways to complement in-person learning. The platform adds a tailored digital layer to the learning experience of people and teams; capturing their goals, diagnosing their learning styles and providing an accessible place for the discovery of relevant resources.

Resources not courses

The platform is driven by a resource first approach; giving people access to knowledge at the point they need it.

Curated and edited daily

The platform is populated daily with organised libraries of things to read, watch and listen to.

New on Can

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    Read, watch, do

    Pull in practical knowledge from subject experts across the network.

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    Your plan for feedback

    One of our most popular plan pulls together practical resources on pulling in the feedback you need.

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    Leading Now

    Participants in our Leading Now programme can access private libraries to support offline conversations.

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Joining our Learning Network

Imaginative organisations, large and small, use YCN to build capabilities throughout their teams in modern, motivating and memorable ways.

Our peer-led membership programme is a popular starting point; giving teams open and self-directed access to a weekly calendar of in-person learning, a digital learning platform and a personal relationship with our own connective central team.

Find out more about what we offer in this PDF, or by contacting Nick Defty on