A buffet for your brain

Our cross-organisational learning platform gives your team self-directed access to an ever-growing programme of live virtual workshops, really handy resources and micro-learning courses — all on-point to the most in-demand skills of the day. Pathways nudge learners towards what's most relevant, with topics explored among a diverse and supportive community of peers.

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Opening up the platform across all our businesses emphasises the importance of continual learning, connects to our values — and puts team members in the driving seat of their own development.

Jessie, The Hudson Bec Group

Live, virtual learning
Live, virtual learning

Immersive, bitesize workshops run on the platform throughout the week; inclusively led by our community of coaches, trainers and subject experts. Collaborating with diverse peers from different organisations; learners discover, try and apply practical new tools and approaches — building the confidence and know-how to put then into practice right away.

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On-demand resources

Our ever-growing libraries of really helpful resources — from bitesize, expert videos and eCourses, to team tools and checklists — are designed to be explored at any pace, and support all kinds of learning styles. Curated course packs link collections of resources with what's explored in live, virtual sessions encouraging learners to share back internally all they've discovered.

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Memorable bursts of micro-learning

Learners can opt into short, micro-learning courses on point to the most important workplace skills — from Feedback Fundamentals to Writing Well, Effective Allyship to Critical Thinking. Experienced over a short series of days in bitesize and brain-friendly doses; insights and practical experiments inspire the immediate application of new approaches, reflecting on what's worked and sharing forward in teams.

Personalised pathways on the platform
Personalised pathways on the platform

We can define topic specific pathways, mapped to particular culture and skills goals within your organisation. For the restaurant group KFC we've developed pathways to help managers develop their thinking around DE&I, while for branding consultancy DixonBaxi different tailored pathways support the development of junior and senior team members. And helpful nudges to learners and their managers, ensure conversation, application reflection around all that's included.

A diverse and inclusive learning community
A diverse and inclusive learning community

Your teams will be learning among a thriving circle of organisations; distinct in their industries, products and services, but united in their belief in continual learning as a driver of culture, performance and wellbeing. From fast growth start-ups to foodie favourites; creative studios to government departments — we'd love for you to be part of it. Drop us a line to discuss platform pilots and partnerships.