In-demand skills, on-demand access

Our cross-organisational learning platform gives teams of all shapes and sizes individual and self-directed access to an ever-growing blended programme of virtual workshops, really handy resources and relevant bursts of micro-learning — all experienced among a diverse and supportive community of peers.

Put your learners in the driving seat
Put your learners in the driving seat

Teams benefit from unlimited access to our weekly programme of live, virtual, expert led learning, supported with self-directed resources and micro-learning. They can discover the topics and skills of most relevance to them right now, exploring them in the ways that suit their learning styles, and at the times that fit their diaries. All's accessed on a simple, co-branded platform that can integrate with your own.

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Live, virtual sessions

Live, immersive, bitesize workshops run on the platform throughout the week; inclusively led by our community of coaches, trainers and subject experts. Alongside supportive peers from other organisations, participants actively experiment with new tools, ideas approaches; and commit to action — wherever they're working from.

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Really helpful resources

Our ever-growing libraries of on-demand resources — from bitesize video and eCourses, to team tools and book bites— are fit for the flow of work; and designed to be explored at any pace, supporting different learning styles. And curated course packs link collections of resources with what's explored in our live, virtual sessions.

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Memorable bursts of micro-learning

Learners can opt into short, self-directed learning experiences — on point to the topics of the day — and delivered in behaviourally sticky doses of mini-exercises and practical experiments to get going with right away. You'll be amazed at how much thinking you can shift with a focussed five minutes to start the day throughout a week.

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Your personalised pathways on the platform

Together we can define topic specific pathways, mapped to particular culture and skills goals within your organisation, for promotion to specific groups and teams. For the restaurant group KFC we've developed pathways to help managers develop coaching and mentoring skills, while for branding consultancy DixonBaxi tailored pathways support the development of junior and senior designers.

Platform partners: Koto
Platform partners: Koto

Our learning platform provides a 90 strong, international team at design studio Koto individual and self-directed access to a weekly programme of live, bitesize virtual workshops and micro-learning experiences — mapped to key competencies and role responsibilities; and with ways for continually sharing with each other what's making the most impact.

Join a diverse and inclusive community of learning
Join a diverse and inclusive community of learning

Your teams will be learning among a thriving circle of organisations; distinct in their industries, products and services, but united in their belief in continual learning as a driver of culture, performance and wellbeing. From fast growth start-ups to foodie favourites; creative studios to government departments — we'd love for you to be part of it. Drop us a line to discuss platform pilots and partnerships.