Digitally sharing knowledge
among your teams

Our digital learning platform Can complements everything we deliver in person. We're exploring curated, and resource-led approaches to how knowledge can find you at the point of need.

Can is furthering the ways that knowledge is shared across our learning network; both within our open learning programmes and for more tailored client projects too. Can is not about e-learning, rather an experiment in how the 'digital layer' can best complement and extend what happens 'in the room'. 

Can takes a resource-first approach, making growing libraries of curated digital content accessible to groups interested in those topics — and brings such resources together as 'Plans' that relate to areas of study within in-person sessions. If you don't have access to the platform through a current project or programme, and would like to take a look — please drop us a line.

Resources not courses

The platform is driven by a resource first approach; giving people access to knowledge at the point they need it.

Curated and edited daily

The platform is populated daily with organised libraries of things to read, watch and listen to.

New on Can

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    Read, watch, do

    Pull in practical knowledge from subject experts across the network.

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    Learning plans

    Subscribe to curated learning plans — 'playlists' of things to read, watch and do, put together by peers and practitioners.

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    Listening, learning, leading

    Coaching Group participants use plan to support their regular group sessions; sharing resources and recommended reading in-between.

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Partner with us

Creatively-driven organisations partner with YCN to continually build capability throughout their teams.

Our open, year-round learning programme brings people from across these organisations together, enriching their mindsets and skillsets, and building their networks too. We take targetted, topic specific sessions into members’ teams at their places of work; and, when required, help our members to connect with the smartest thinking from across our network in relation to specific business challenges.

Find out more about membership in this PDF, by emailing YCN Director Nick Defty or calling +44 (0)20 7033 2140.