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Upcoming Events

We'll shortly begin a new series of events sharing learnings from launching a variety of ventures.


Past Events

We recently heard from Rapha founder Simon Mottram, and explored how technology is reshaping retail.


  • Exploring Mentoring at Airbnb

    At Airbnb's offices on Wednesday, we shared first-hand experiences to explore how people on both sides of the relationship can make the most out of mentoring.

    Posted on Jun 23rd 2017
  • Learning from Launching: Food & Drink

    Last night at Radio Alice's Hoxton Square pizzeria, we learned about the challenges and opportunities at play when launching restaurants.

    Posted on May 24th 2017
  • Meaningful mentoring

    Join us at Airbnb's offices on Tuesday 23rd May, where we'll be sharing advice and experiences to learn how everyone can make the most out of mentoring.

    Posted on Apr 24th 2017
  • Sensory Science

    Last night at PROPERCORN, we heard from Professor Charles Spence and MassiveMusic’s Roscoe Williamson about how sound can amplify consumer experiences.

    Posted on Apr 12th 2017
  • Doors, Drones & Deliveries

    ​At Covent Garden’s Hospital Club, we hosted a panel discussion on last mile delivery as part of the ZX.YCN programme.

    Posted on Mar 23rd 2017
  • Two's Company: Where do ideas come from?

    Last night we welcomed Anthony Burrill and Chris Barez-Brown to the YCN Library to share their learnings on the process of developing ideas.

    Posted on Mar 22nd 2017
  • Design for Breakfast

    Over chai and naans at Dishoom, yesterday we explored the power of visual identities in the company of legendary restauranteur, Alan Yau.

    Posted on Mar 8th 2017
  • Simon's Reading List

    On Tuesday we welcomed Rapha Founder Simon Mottram to the YCN Library, inviting him to add six of his favourite books to our shelves.

    Posted on Mar 2nd 2017
  • Breakfast Briefing: Smart Health

    From robotic exoskeletons to AI-powered diagnosis apps, on Tuesday 4th April, we’ll examine the technologies aiming to improve our health and wellbeing.

    Posted on Feb 24th 2017
  • Home at Airbnb

    At Airbnb’s Clerkenwell warehouse space, a panel of speakers explored the theme of home and what it means to them and their work.

    Posted on Feb 8th 2017
  • Reading List: Erik Kessels

    Erik Kessels, Creative Director of Member Agency KesselsKramer, joined us at the YCN Library to talk us through six books that have inspired him.

    Posted on Jan 25th 2017
  • Reading List: Simon Mottram

    In February we'll play host to Rapha Founder Simon Mottram and learn about six books that have impacted his life and career.

    Posted on Jan 23rd 2017
  • Wellness in the Workplace

    To welcome in the new year, Members and a panel of speakers gathered at YCN to discuss how to instil healthier company cultures.

    Posted on Jan 16th 2017
  • Speaking with confidence in public

    At a practical workshop hosted by author and coach Edie Lush, we learnt how to build our professional profiles by speaking compellingly and with confidence.

    Posted on Dec 6th 2016
  • Reshaping Retail

    In collaboration with Member Hammerson, last night we explored the implications of emerging technologies for retailers online and in store.

    Posted on Dec 1st 2016
  • Social Entrepreneurship

    In collaboration with Member Red Bull, on Tuesday 1st November we examined how organisations can create scalable social impact initiatives, exploring the lessons not-for-profits can learn from businesses.

    Posted on Nov 3rd 2016