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Upcoming Events

We'll shortly begin a new series of events sharing learnings from launching a variety of ventures.


Past Events

We recently heard from Rapha founder Simon Mottram, and explored how technology is reshaping retail.


  • Making Work Work For You

    In partnership with Red Bull, on 13th September we tackled the topic of flexible working, inviting a panel of passionate advocates to share why it's important and how to make it work for you.

    Posted on Sep 15th 2017
  • Wellbeing at Work

    On Tuesday 5th September at Red Bull's London offices we gained some insight into how our physical and mental wellbeing at work can positively impact productivity and creativity.

    Posted on Sep 8th 2017
  • Learning at Work

    On 5th September, we asked experts from Google and Hyper Island to share ideas and approaches around creating effective cultures of learning in the workplace.

    Posted on Sep 8th 2017
  • Breakfast Briefing: Illustration

    On 22nd August, we immersed ourselves in the world of illustration over coffee and croissants at Shoreditch House.

    Posted on Aug 25th 2017
  • A Persuasive Panel

    On 15th August, we invited a panel to Shoreditch House to share their secrets on how best to bring people round to your way of thinking.

    Posted on Aug 18th 2017
  • Lessons from Launching: Food & Drink

    To serve up further learnings from the mouths of those behind thriving food and drink ventures, we'll again take our seats at Radio Alice this September.

    Posted on Aug 17th 2017
  • Smarter Strategies for New Business

    On Thursday 10th August, we'll bring together a small group of Members for a Round Table discussion about how agencies can effectively grow new business.

    Posted on Jul 17th 2017
  • Women in Beer

    Last week at the Truman Brewery, we heard from a panel of brewers and creatives about how the beer industry is evolving to meet the needs of a growing audience of women.

    Posted on Jul 10th 2017
  • A Panel on Personalisation

    At the first ZX.YCN event in Amsterdam, speakers from Monzo, WeTransfer, StyleScript and Holition helped us explore the value of marketing to audiences of one.

    Posted on Jun 30th 2017
  • Exploring Mentoring at Airbnb

    At Airbnb's offices on Wednesday, we shared first-hand experiences to explore how people on both sides of the relationship can make the most out of mentoring.

    Posted on Jun 23rd 2017
  • Learning from Launching: Food & Drink

    Last night at Radio Alice's Hoxton Square pizzeria, we learned about the challenges and opportunities at play when launching restaurants.

    Posted on May 24th 2017
  • Meaningful mentoring

    Join us at Airbnb's offices on Tuesday 23rd May, where we'll be sharing advice and experiences to learn how everyone can make the most out of mentoring.

    Posted on Apr 24th 2017
  • Sensory Science

    Last night at PROPERCORN, we heard from Professor Charles Spence and MassiveMusic’s Roscoe Williamson about how sound can amplify consumer experiences.

    Posted on Apr 12th 2017
  • Doors, Drones & Deliveries

    ​At Covent Garden’s Hospital Club, we hosted a panel discussion on last mile delivery as part of the ZX.YCN programme.

    Posted on Mar 23rd 2017
  • Two's Company: Where do ideas come from?

    Last night we welcomed Anthony Burrill and Chris Barez-Brown to the YCN Library to share their learnings on the process of developing ideas.

    Posted on Mar 22nd 2017
  • Design for Breakfast

    Over chai and naans at Dishoom, yesterday we explored the power of visual identities in the company of legendary restauranteur, Alan Yau.

    Posted on Mar 8th 2017