Thinking differently about DEI

Collaborating with subject experts, and pulling in lived experiences from across our community every day; we help our partners to start and sustain inclusive conversations throughout their teams, related to modern aspects of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion — and connect those conversations to immediate opportunities for action.

Inclusive training, timely tools

Helpful conversations in hybrid teams

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Team workshops

Delivered in-person or virtually, our inclusively led workshops create a safe space for key topics to be explored and acted on together.

Home Resources
DEI Toolkit

A collection of digital tools, conversation guides and scenarios — developed with our subject experts and shared to drive conversation and action

DEI Champions

Purposeful programmes to enable key team members with the confidence and capability to enable conversations within their teams.

Timely tools that get teams talking
Timely tools that get teams talking

From everyday allyship to neuroinclusion, recognising our privilege to mitigating biases; our DEI toolkit offers our partners' teams an ever-growing, self-directed collection of conversation guides, meeting prompts and other curiosity inducing activities around core and emerging aspects of DEI. Its purpose is to open helpful conversations, close knowledge gaps and reveal inclusive action within everyone's each.

Our NeuroAware programme
Our NeuroAware programme

We're building a community of leading organisations making neurodiversity awareness and neuroinclusive action a core part of their DEI, leadership and culture strategies. And with continual knowledge sharing among the community itself.

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Diverse expertise and lived experience
Diverse expertise and lived experience

All of our workshops, resources and wider DEI tools are developed and delivered alongside a community of associate subject experts and specialist facilitators. Shown clockwise from left are The Diversity Partnership founder Abi Adamson, NHS clinical psychologist and author Dr. Sam Akbar and DEI architect and author of Inclusive Growth Toby Mildon.

The P word, and what to do with yours

In the short film shared below, Abi Adamson, our Associate Programme Director for DEI shares some powerful perspective on the concept of privilege — a topic we tackle in workshops, resources and that sits at the heart of reflective conversation guides in our DEI Toolkit.

Case Study: Supporting everyday inclusion at the Very Group
Case Study: Supporting everyday inclusion at the Very Group

Combining self-directed digital learning with expert-led workshops — we helped the digital retailer to engage 98% of their workforce in collaborative, value-aligned and individually actionable inclusion. Ongoing evaluation is revealing sustained behaviour change; from the way meetings are facilitated to the shared vocabulary captured in DE&I surveys.

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From privilege to neuroinclusion, YCN helped us identify the right angles to take on timely topics — and then put practical tools and talking points into the hands of our team members, sensitive to the many different environments that conversations were happening in. And we're sustaining these conversations continually.

Neil Morrison, Chief People Officer — KFC