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From neurodiversity awareness, to neuroinclusive action

We’re building a community of organisations putting neurodiversity at the heart of their DE&I, leadership and performance agendas.

Training packages for our partners' teams, managers and NeuroChamps build neuroinclusion throughout the employee lifecycle, supported with a menu of proven workplace adjustments, disclosure frameworks and a community of practice.

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Neurodiversity in numbers

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A practical, positive and proven approach
A practical, positive and proven approach

Our work towards neuroinclusion, with organisations of all shapes and sizes, is rooted in a proven combination of training elements, expanded awareness of workplace adjustments and the broadening of channels of disclosure. These three groups, working together, are key 👇

3 targeted tiers of training

Combining to create neuroinclusive cultures

“To meet the unforeseeable challenges racing towards us in the twenty-first century, we will need many kinds of minds working together.”
“To meet the unforeseeable challenges racing towards us in the twenty-first century, we will need many kinds of minds working together.”

— Steve Silberman, NeuroTribes

Expert perspectives, lived experiences...
Expert perspectives, lived experiences...

Our NeuroAware programme and all its training content, resources, scenarios and evidence-based workplace adjustments are shaped by subject experts and the continually generous guidance of neurodivergent people. Shared below is a short film from our learning library, in which digital product studio Ustwo co-founder Matt Miller shares a first person perspective of receiving an ADHD diagnosis and talking about it in his team.

Join a community of practice, committed to neuroinclusion
Join a community of practice, committed to neuroinclusion

From fast-food favourites to fast growth tech companies, small design studios to sensational charities, our NeuroAware partners represent a diverse collection of industries, unified in their aim to continually identify measurable opportunities for greater neuroinclusion throughout their teams.