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Neurodiversity awareness training for managers and teams

NeuroAware is an DE&I training programme, focussed on positively increasing the understanding of neurodiversity at work, for more inclusive and higher-performing teams. The programme has been designed alongside people with neurodiverse conditions and with expert practitioners such as Dr. Anne Cockayne, who recently completed a PHD on the experiences of people-managers working with autistic team members.

Programme aims:

Informed, inclusive teams

The programme helps teams understand the concept of neurodiversity; and the simple adjustments we can all make to support current and future neurodivergent colleagues, clients and customers.

Empowered managers

We're equipping people-managers with practical legal and behavioural knowledge to support conversations around disclosure and adjustments. And the neuro-inclusive communication skills they learn will ultimately benefit everyone too.

Proactive conversations

The programme enables our partners to meet the appetite for positive, proactive and purposeful conversations around diversity and inclusion at work today — emphasising the role that everyone has to play for change.

How the programme is delivered

Blending live learning experiences with on-demand resources


Company-wide neurodiversity awareness training

We deliver energising, enlightening and interactive sessions to your teams. Led by Dr. Anne Cockayne (top left) and a You Can Now facilitator; we open conversation and close knowledge-gaps around neurodiversity at work, define specific neurodivergent conditions such as autism, ADHD and dyslexia and and get everyone thinking together about practical steps towards greater neuroinclusion in their places of work.


Pre-and-post session resources

Bitesize, video led resources support what's covered in the live sessions, sharing first person perspectives of neurodiversity at work and enabling team members to revisit and share key ideas in their own time. People-managers can access special resources specific to areas like disclosure, and reasonable adjustments.


NeuroAware Coaching Circles

We enable people inside our partners' teams to drive forward the conversation and action around neuro-inclusion, training them up to host and facilitate ongoing coaching circles with groups of peers. Topic specific modules, conversation guides and other resources are provided and adapted to reflect the relevant stage of each partner's DE&I journey.


Expert views and lived experiences

In the example films below, programme partner Dr. Anne Cockayne sets out some thinking around neurodiversity at work, while digital product studio ustwo founder Matt Miller describes his experience of ADHD, what it's meant for his working relationships and the transformative power of different thinking styles.

Dr. Anne Cockayne describing the opportunity for neuroinclusion within teams, and the customer experience.

Mills describing ADHD, teams and the future of work

You have changed my whole outlook, and I really can’t exaggerate how much this has changed my world and put everything into context.

2020 Programme participant
Become a NeuroAware organisation
Become a NeuroAware organisation

Join our community of progressive partners, enabling their managers and teams with timely, practical neurodiversity awareness and the tools and talking points to drive inclusive growth. To discuss delivering the NeuroAware programme call us on +44 (0)20 7033 2140 or email