Bulb Crew

Neurodiversity Awareness for Teams

Upping awareness, and inspiring action throughout your team.

Combining informative and energising live neurodiversity focused sessions with self-serve learning embedded throughout your employee life-cycle, our team-wide training opens conversation, closes knowledge gaps and gets everyone on-board with your neuroinclusion journey.

Timely development is delivered in formats to support everyone's learning styles, and supported with ongoing communications to fuel curiosity and conversations, and turn awareness into action.

Engaging, expert-led workshops
Engaging, expert-led workshops

Delivered virtually, in-person or a blend of both, we create a space for everyone to raise their knowledge about neurodiversity, whatever their starting point. Sessions are grounded in a strengths-based evidence-led approach, with recognisable cultural scenarios explored that help team members identify opportunities for immediate neuroinclusive action within their control.

Self-directed learning, served up at the moments that matter
Self-directed learning, served up at the moments that matter

Live sessions are complemented with bitesize and immersive digital learning, accommodating different learning preferences and shared at key moments within the employee journey, from ensuring new-starters are onboarded around the culture of neuroinclusion, to reconnecting with team members around key moments in the cultural calendar. Supporting managers at the point of promotion is a key moment too.

Empowering ongoing communications
Empowering ongoing communications

We support our partners with engaging, motivating communications — sustaining curiosity, conversation and action around neuroinclusion. Resources are signposted, and invitations are shared, to connect into our wider NeuroAware community through an ongoing calendar of talks and events. This ongoing dialogue and engagement offers fertile ground in which to identify and grow an internal community of NeuroChamps too.