NeuroChamps Programme

Empowering key team members as neuroinclusion allies

Our NeuroChamps programme sees motivated team members benefit from specific training and ongoing community support to sustain conversations from our team engagement, help audit key cultural moments from a neuroinclusion perspective, create awareness around the adjustments open to everyone, and become an additional path to disclosure for colleagues. NeuroChamps create and sustain change from within the organisation.

Purposeful, collaborative training for your NeuroChamps
Purposeful, collaborative training for your NeuroChamps

NeuroChamps collaborate across two complementary workshops, expertly facilitated to enable knowledge-sharing, scenario-based learning and opportunities for neuroinclusive action. Core to the programme is tools testing, resource sharing, conversation sparking, running small experiments and capturing data back in teams between the sessions.

Advocates for adjustments and allies for disclosure
Advocates for adjustments and allies for disclosure

NeuroChamps help to create continual awareness on the 'menu' of workplace adjustments available to everyone in the team, signposting resources and conversation points across the year. They can also be named as confidential points of contact within your organisation's disclosure framework. Full, practical support for conversations around disclosure and the nuance of confidentiality is key to the dedicated training that champions receive.

NeuroChamp training

Ways to access it

Join cross-organisational cohorts

You can access the programme among diverse peers from other growing and inclusively-driven organisations.

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Launch in-house cohorts

We'll deliver the programme in-person or virtually to one or more cohorts of your NeuroChamps.

Who can become a Neurodiversity Champion?
Who can become a Neurodiversity Champion?

Motivated peers keen to drive the inclusion agenda, mapping and measuring impact of proactive neuroinclusion against metrics that matter in their teams and workplaces. Participants are often team-members with a base-level knowledge of neurodiversity, drawn from different departments and bringing diverse perspectives to everything we explore, and able to influence change internally.