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Thinking together about thinking differently

From neurodiversity awareness, to neuroinclusive action

We’re building a community of organisations putting neurodiversity at the heart of their DEI, leadership and performance agendas.

Our flagship NeuroAware programme sees collaborative cohorts work and learn together; opening conversation, closing knowledge-gaps and identifying actionable opportunities for greater neuroinclusion in their cultures.

And we’d love you to be part of it. We can run cohorts just for your teams, or key team members can join our cross-org cohorts. The next gets going in May '24. Discover more below, and drop us a line to learn more.

No two brains are the same.
No two brains are the same.

We all think, communicate and process information differently. Neuroinclusive workplaces recognise everyone’s unique strengths and differences, and proactively anticipate the adjustments that enable them to be combined for the best outcomes all-round. As a NeuroAware partner your team can access the training, tools, community and expert support for continual, measurable progress.

Want a primer on the topic?

Programme structure


Three modules to explore, with workshops and missions at their core

Cohorts collaborate across three workshops; expertly facilitated to enable knowledge-sharing, scenario-based learning and a focus on opportunities for neuroinclusive action. Core to the programme is testing tools, sharing resources, sparking conversations, running small experiments and capturing data back in teams between the sessions.

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Module one: NeuroLingo

Our first module focuses on core concepts, language and cultural definitions around neurodiversity, neurodivergent conditions and neuroinclusion. Through evidence-led scenarios and examples of best practice we build conversational confidence, and find opportunities for more neuroinclusive language within our cultural communication.

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Module two: NeuroAudit

We collaboratively create a picture of the key touchpoints in the employee journey where neuroinclusive approaches, and proactive adjustments, can have the biggest impact. Participants benchmark their own experiences with these, ahead of gathering data from a range of relevant colleagues to inform priority action points.

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Module three: NeuroAction

Drawing on the data captured, participants collectively agree on onward action plans, defining the allies and decision-makers internally that will be key to their implementation. Marginal gains are emphasised, with case studies shared of measured progress towards neuroinclusion as further evidence and inspiration.

Access the programme, join the community

Join cross-organisational cohorts

You can access the programme among diverse peers from other growing and inclusively-driven organisations.

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Launch in-house cohorts

We'll deliver the programme in-person or virtually to one or more cohorts of your leaders and teams.

Who joins cohorts?
Who joins cohorts?

Motivated peers keen to drive the inclusion agenda, mapping and measuring impact of proactive neuroinclusion against metrics that matter in their teams and workplaces. Participants are often senior team-members, drawn from across different departments — bringing diverse perspectives to everything we explore — and able to influence change internally.

Expertise and lived experiences
Expertise and lived experiences

The programme has been developed in partnership with HR, workplace and neurodiversity specialists like Dr. Anne Cockayne, who completed a PhD exploring the relationships of people-managers and neurodivergent team-members. Expert and evidence-led learning is supported by neurodivergent perspectives from across our community.

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Neurodivergent perspectives

In the short film below, Lexi Keegan, a researcher at the Department for Transport, discusses, with Dr Anne Cockayne, her experience of neurodivergence at work, the power of strengths-based approaches and how conversations around communication preferences help teams to perform. Anne and Lexi are also mother and daughter.

Bulb Crew

Great minds don't think alike

With our NeuroAware partners, we're:

• Creating team-wide understanding of neurodiversity.
• Enabling managers to lead neuroinclusively.
• Auditing cultural processes for greater neuroinclusion.
• Curating support for neurodivergent colleagues.
• Sharing evidence and measuring impact.
• Building a purpose-led community of practice.

Join a community committed to neuroinclusion
Join a community committed to neuroinclusion

From fast-food favourites to fast growth tech companies, small design studios to sensational charities, our NeuroAware partners represent a diverse collection of industries, unified in their aim to continually identify opportunities for greater neuroinclusion throughout their teams. Drop us a line if you'd like to participate.

New to neurodiversity? Here's a purposeful primer
New to neurodiversity? Here's a purposeful primer

This bitesize tool is designed to raise awareness, spark conversation and inspire deeper exploration among teams. Participants are encouraged to share something similar in their own teams, off the back of the first programme workshop. You might the content included helpful right away.

Explore the primer