Writing Well, with Vikki Ross

Writing Well, with Vikki Ross

"If I had more time I would write a shorter letter" — Mark Twain
Personal Effectiveness
Wednesday 11 September
9:30am11:00amUK time

Enjoy some experiential expertise on better writing — and take away new tools and techniques to apply the next time you need to communicate clearly with someone.

Words count

And in these distributed, hybrid working times, the emphasis on being clear in our written communication is greater than ever. Whether writing an all team Slack update or advising a nervous client on the best way forward; the words we choose to use, and the tone we strike, will greatly impact the change we can effect with others.

Come armed

In this highly practical, expert-led and pen at the ready session, we'll explore some proven principles of great writing, understand the successful practices at play and take away some immediately applicable approaches to making our own communication stronger, more purposeful and effective in landing its message.

Leading the session will be Vikki Ross. Vikki has been writing copy for big businesses for over 20 years specialising in branding and tone of voice.

As well as helping clients like Sky, Sony Music and Adidas make their words work — Vikki is a copy mentor, trainer, speaker and awards judge. She's a community builder too, creating #copywritersunite to connect aspiring wordsmiths around the world.

Less is more

By unpacking some key copywriting principles, and giving us exercises to work through in relation to them — Vikki will show us how to write right every time, appreciate the role of rhythm and learn the importance of being 'all eyes and all ears at all times'. Because when we write well and make our words work; we're able to more effectively make people think, feel and do things differently.

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What we'll cover:

• How to begin
• Hooking attention
• Know thy audience, and put them in the driving seat
• Economy with words
• Striking the right tone
• Rules and when to break them

How the session will be structured:

We'll lay down some proven principles, before applying lots of new tools and techniques to live writing examples. And the session is supported by an ongoing series of self-directed exercises and activities that you'll be welcome to opt into too.

Who this session's for:

Anyone who suspects their writing could be clearer and more persuasive, whether in email subject lines or full page adverts.

Wednesday 11 September
9:30am11:00amUK time

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More on Vikki

Learn more about Vikki's work and ideas, and the different communities she's building to support the ongoing conversation around good writing here.

Writing Well as a team

We can bring our writing skills training sessions directly into your teams, wherever they're writing from — and adapt our self-directed on-demand course to reflect the commercial and cultural challenges of the day. Learn more about partnerships here.