Micro-learning: Writing Well

Illustration by Yann Le Bec

Writing Well. Five days of micro-learning experiments

In the increasingly-hybrid world of work, clarity in your writing has never been more important. Whether it's a Slack update or follow up or guidance to a peer or team member; the choices we make in the words we use make a real difference to what happens next.

To help you continually sharpen these skills, we've designed this self-directed micro-learning course, delivered direct to your inbox. All that's needed is five minutes a day for five consecutive days, and a willingness to experiment and share with colleagues.

We'd love for you to experience it.


Experts all the way

We've designed the course alongside wordsmiths like copywriter Vikki Ross, direct marketing maestro Steve Harrison and DfT's very own former speechwriter Ben Ludlow. Across the week, they'll share proven tactics and writing tips on everything from rhythm to concision — one a day in your inbox first thing — and simple ways to apply them.