Micro-learning: Leading with Stories

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Simple stories travel well
“It’s the little things.”
Vincent Vega, Pulp Fiction

Leading with Stories. Six doses of action oriented insight

While there’s often uncertainty about what ‘storytelling’ means in relation to leadership, what is certain from a social, psychological and scientific perspective is that stories ‘work’.

And as managers and leaders we can deploy stories to communicate values, motivate action, develop trust, build our brand, share knowledge, tackle problems, transmit our vision and much more besides. And stories trigger those listening into a state of ‘active listening’ — putting themselves into the picture, making meaning and moving them forwards.

Through this series of snappy and self-directed exercises — served up as alternate daily doses of micro-learning over two weeks — we'll be harnessing the power of storytelling to bring more influence and impact to our most important relationships. And feeling it's impact within the day to day, right away.

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