Presence and Gravitas, with Catherine Allison

Presence and Gravitas, with Catherine Allison

“The right word may be effective, but no word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause." — Mark Twain
Personal Effectiveness
Tuesday 1 October
9:30am11:00amUK time

There are simple ways to boost our presence and gravitas at work. And, as we'll explore with communications expert Catherine Allison, once mastered — we'll enjoy more impact in all kinds of contexts.

Gravitas, a sense of 'weight or authority', is often thought as a natural ability — something you've either got or you haven't.

But with practice, and by understanding our inner voice (and where the volume knob is), we can all boost our sense of gravitas — and quickly elevate our sense of presence, feeling more confident to communicate and with a heightened sense of authority.

And there’s much we can learn from others too, defining the specific behaviours of those who seem to carry themselves with a perpetual state of confidence — and thinking how we could authentically channel a bit more of that ourselves.

What we'll cover:

• Recognising what steals our presence and gravitas
• Demonstrating confidence and control
• Using body language for maximum impact
• Knowing (and controlling) our inner coach and inner critic
• The power of the pause

• Managing the pace of our communication

How the session will be structured:

Warmly led by Catherine — we'll work through an energising blend of discussion, practical application and reflection as a group. There will be a couple of smaller breakout group exercises, in which you'll be invited to experiment and share with other participants.

Any questions about the session?

Just drop us a line and we'll quickly get back to you.

Tuesday 1 October
9:30am11:00amUK time
Getting going with Gravitas
Getting going with Gravitas

In the Course Pack that supports this live session you'll find sessions slides, curated resources and other timely tools to help you boost your gravitas and get purposeful with your presence.

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