Putting your people in the picture
Putting your people in the picture

Loved are our libraries of video-led learning, with coaches and subject experts in authentic conversations with managers and team-members from across our community. The focus is real and relatable workplace challenges, and motivating those watching to test new approaches for themselves.

Some examples are shared below, and drop us a line to see more.

Matt's chats with Kas and Matteo

Insights shared fresh from a workshop

When Matt met Laura

Talking time-management and prioritisation

And here's Matt using a colour cards tool

a very flexible workshop deck

Abi's a facilitator with a D&I focus

Here she shares some perspectives on privilege

Here's coach Louise introducing Goleman's Six Leadership Styles

Which are you leaning into more?

And here's Louise testing out a visual coaching tool

It emphasises a 'strengths first' approach

Here's Raul's take on imposter syndrome

Sound familiar?