The Modern Managerial Mode

Setting your managers up for success

We're enabling people-managers throughout our partners' teams everyday — from fast growth scale-ups and foodie favourites, to footwear legends and branding lovers.

Focusing on the core behaviours embodied by effective managers; we combine memorable training and timely tools that rapidly build confidence to recognise strengths, take a coaching approach, continuously give and receive feedback and get in the rhythm of high-quality performance conversations.

Ways we can enable your managers

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Training delivered directly

Adapted to match experience levels — from first time leaders, to executive groups — we'll design and deliver a development programme that draws from our core modules, reflects your values and cultural cues and rapidly accelerates the capability of your people-managers.

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Cross-organisational cohorts

Throughout the year we bring together cohorts of people-managers from across our partners' teams for a collaborative exploration of our core modules. Working together over eight weeks; live, virtual workshops are complemented with self-directed learning and regular missions to put everything covered into beautiful practice.

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Enabling managers everywhere
Enabling managers everywhere

We partner with some of the most creative and growth-oriented organisations around the world — delivering and continually sharpening our core content alongside their managers and leaders at all levels. And through our cross-organisational cohorts and community building, we create an invaluable space for them to learn, experiment and reflect with each other.

Open Manager Cohorts
Open Manager Cohorts

Stretch your skills among a diverse and supportive group of peers. In April and May '23, we've new collaborative cohorts kicking off for curious people managers keen to continually sharpen their skills. Focussed on our Core Four modules, you'll blend live experiential learning, with self-directed study and targeted missions to ensure all's immediately put into purposeful practice.

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The Core Four

Our weekly work with hundreds of managers at all levels, in growing organisations around the world prioritises an initial focus on four core behaviours:

Strengths and situational awareness
Taking a coaching approach
Giving and receiving feedback well
Having effective 1-1s

Our training programmes emphasise the skills that support each of these, with content adapted to meet the experience levels of participating managers, and with additional modules available to support the Core Four. Learn more about each below.

The Core Four

Motivating modules for modern managers

Talky Managers
1. Strengths, Styles and Situations

Self-awareness must come before relational-awareness, and upping understanding of our strengths and leadership style tendencies is an excellent starting point on the journey towards authentic and situational management. Drawing on Daniel Goleman's definitive work on emotionally intelligent leadership, this module arms us with enlightening insights about ourselves, so we're primed to unlock them in others.

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2. The Coach Approach

For modern managers, a coaching mindset is a must have. When we practice a coaching approach (among a toolkit of complementary leadership styles), we're able to purposefully bring performance enhancing support in all kinds of relational directions. In this module we practically build our skills in listening and questioning well, and master coaching frameworks like GROW, to keep conversations positively oriented to action.

3. Owning Feedback

The modern manager is continually able to provide clear and actionable feedback, both on what's working well, and where there are growth opportunities — while also pulling in the feedback they need for their own development. In fast moving teams, there's lots that gets in the way of this happening; and within this module we arm ourselves with proven models and approaches to the feedback fundamentals, loved by those that learn them.

Talky Managers2
4. Connected Conversations

The 1-1 offers the perfect context for applying all of the key skills demanded of modern managers. In this module we collaboratively define the right cadence for different performance conversations; from coaching check-ins and monthly 1-1s, to career oriented quarterly, bi-annual or annual conversations. We show the levers for removing interference, activating motivation; and practice making conversations intentionally connective — purposefully linking into values, goals and more.

Prefer a PDF?
Prefer a PDF?

This Short PDF expands on our Core Four foundational modules for modern managers, with further learning outcomes and an insight to some of the additional managerial topics we explore with our partners teams — from leading hybrid teams to dealing with conflict, designing development plans to strategic thinking.

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A little more on what's Core

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Connected Conversations
Connected Conversations

We arm managers with really useful tools, templates and other talking points that bring structure and connectivity to their performance conversations. In good 1-1s talking points are collaboratively surfaced; values and goals are connected to and actions ahead of next time purposefully captured. And when required we tie our work into partners' preferred performance platforms like Lattice, CultureAmp and 15Five — establishing healthy behaviours around their use.

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Strengths, styles and situations

Beginning any development experience by getting managers thinking about their individual strengths, the leadership styles they might be leaning towards and others that might merit some development emphasis always pays dividends. Upping self-awareness, and emphasising emotional intelligence, rightly grounds all future learning and practical application.

The Manager as Coach
The Manager as Coach

People-managers enabled with a coaching mindset, the motivation to give and receive feedback within the flow of work — and a confidence boosting toolkit for everyday coaching conversations will drive disproportionate engagement and performance throughout their teams. Our work with our partners' people managers quickly establishes this coaching approach.

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The Neuroinclusive Manager
The Neuroinclusive Manager

In partnership with subject expert and HR practitioner Dr. Anne Cockayne we've developed specialist training to open conversation and close knowledge gaps about neurodiversity. Through live workshops and self-directed resources, we spotlight the practical considerations around disclosure and workplace adjustments; and provide your people-managers with the capability and confidence to have neuro-inclusive conversations that ultimately benefit everyone.

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