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Case study: The Guardian

Motivating training for modern marketers

Since 2018 we've supported continual learning throughout the Marketing and Reader Revenue teams at The Guardian newspaper, blending team-wide access to our self-directed learning platform with targeted, topic specific workshops delivered virtually and in-person around live and timely team challenges.

Alongside this, managers within the team have been upskilled through our Open Manager Cohorts, and new team members supported through participation in our Early Careers Accelerator.

Partnership headlines

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Self-directed access to our platform

An Annual Partnership provides department-wide provision of our learning platform; offering everyone equal, unlimited, individual access to live experiences, self-directed resources and micro-learning courses.

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Just in time support for newly promoted managers

At the point of promotion, managers in the department are offered places in our Open Manager Cohorts providing them with a timely and social space to practice and sharpen their people-management skills.

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Targeted workshops for Guardian teams

Throughout the year, topic specific workshops are delivered to teams within the department around timely areas of focus driven by real-time challenges and opportunities. Most recently these have included storytelling skills and building and sharing a business case internally.

Training timed around key campaign moments
Training timed around key campaign moments

The agile nature of our partnership enables platform pathways and bitesize team training workshops to reflect specific challenges within the department at any time. For example, idea generation workshops have coincided with new client briefings; and a focus on conscious inclusion at a time when different teams were merging.


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Page-turning impact

• Over 90% of department members engaging with platform content more than 3 times a month.

• Over 65 micro-learning course completions on average per month.

• 100% team attendance at internal workshops delivered.

• 100% of internal workshop participants responding 'Yes, Definitely' to 'Have you learned relevant new skills you can now apply within your teams?'

• 100% of managers participating in Open Manager Cohorts answering ’Yes, Definitely’ to 'Would you recommend the programme to other managers within the department?'