A brand called You

A brand called You

"Know thyself" — Inscribed at the Temple of Delphi
Personal Effectiveness
Tuesday 31 October
9:30am11:00amUK time

We'll explore the concept and value of a personal brand, and work through a practical, purposeful and proven approach to defining our own — connecting it to our strengths, goals and things that energise us.

Considering, and defining a strong personal brand, can help us all in many ways. It enables valuable reflection, requires open and insightful conversations with those around us and forces our focus firmly on our strengths, and future goals.

Once defined, and habitually recalled, it brings us into contact with the people and opportunities that can get us closer to where we want to go — and helps us to work out which opportunities are best left altogether.

Getting intentional about the impression we want to make on others, then enables us to define a range of ways we can do that day to day; and enjoying the act of creative and purposeful self-expression.

Core content covered:

• The practical purpose of personal brand
• Linking your brand to your strengths, goals and sources of energy
• Identifying strengths through curious conversations
• A stepped process for defining you own personal brand expression
• Connecting your expression to a 'so that' impact statement
• Bringing your brand to life
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We'll work collaboratively on a Miro board in the session

How the session will be structured:

You'll experience a facilitated mix of shared ideas, activities and reflection points — with some smaller breakout group discussion at times. We'll work collaboratively on a Miro board, which you can see here. But don't worry if you've not used Miro before, we'll orient to it easily at the outset.

Tuesday 31 October
9:30am11:00amUK time