Conscious Inclusion, with Toby Mildon

Conscious Inclusion, with Toby Mildon

“Diversity is a fact, but inclusion is a choice we make everyday.” — Nellie Borrero
Tuesday 3 October
9:30am11:00amUK time

As part of our ongoing collaboration with D&I architect, and author of Inclusive Growth, Toby Mildon — this session is designed to help us understand our biases, and identify proactive techniques to counter them in our everyday interactions.

We're all biased

The recognition that we all have unconscious biases affecting our judgement, decision making and relationships has become a purposeful topic for conversation — and a vital one, in the pursuit of working cultures where we all feel welcome, included and able to do our best work together. The presence of such biases in our communication, cultures and daily decision making interferes with many of our goals and positive intention; and upsets the potential upside of inclusively driven growth.

Getting intentional with inclusion

Awareness of such biases is important among modern, distributed teams; as is intentionally equipping ourselves with ways to check, interrupt and overcome them in the moments where they're most likely to occur — embracing a mindset of conscious inclusion and championing the behaviours that demonstrate it.

And that's the focus of this session, led by D&I expert, author and podcaster extraordinaire, Toby Mildon; a man on a mission to help companies become more inclusive by positively re-engineering processes and creatively addressing cultural barriers.

Toby will briefly take us through some key thinking around the basis of our biases; before leading a collaborative and conversational exploration of steps we can take to mitigate them — to 'outsmart ourselves', and bring conscious inclusion into all kinds of daily doings and decisions.

What we’ll cover

— The principle and purpose of our biases
— System 1 and System 2 thinking
— The neuroscience of exclusion
— The SEEDS model for interrupting bias
— Tools for slower decisions
— An individual checklist for change

We'll share the session slides and resources so you can replay ideas among your team

How the session will be structured:

Having explored the idea of unconscious bias, examining its origins and everyday expressions, we'll introduce some exercises and 'self-nudges' that help to mitigate it. Working collaboratively through the SEEDS model, conversation will be facilitated around the proactive behaviours we can bring into our teams for greater and more consciously inclusive interactions — both virtually, and in-person.

Who the session's for:

Anyone interested in modern and motivating thinking around D&I, and keen to continually enrich their understanding of bias, behaviour and purposeful inclusivity.

Tuesday 3 October
9:30am11:00amUK time
Nudge, Nudge
Nudge, Nudge

If you choose to receive them, we'll share some smart doses of micro-learning in the two weeks that follow the session; each presenting an insight, experiment and an invitation to practice, dig deeper and try new things among your team.