Micro habits (and how to establish them)

Micro habits (and how to establish them)

“Change might not be fast and it isn't always easy. But with time and effort, almost any habit can be reshaped.” — Charles Duhigg
Personal Effectiveness
Wednesday 17 January
9:30am10:30amUK time

We often think that meaningful change comes from deciding on (and then smartly defining) big goals. But the science shows that what we really need is a system of small habits that over time compound to drive us forward.

The problem with goals

In this highly-practical and instantly useful session, we'll dive into the enlightening world of habit formation, recognising how to get the right systems in place, so that the goals take care of themselves.

We can think of habits as routines, or rituals, that get performed regularly. If goals (which we can often get bogged down in) are the results we've decided we want to achieve, our system of habits are what will get us there. When we meaningful making the link in our minds between goals and habits, we set us up for measurable success — whether we're trying to get fitter, or get promoted.

As James Clear tells us in his brilliant book, Atomic Habits, himself drawing on the work of B.F Skinner and Charles Duhigg; "You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems." Whether it's fitness, promotion or something altogether different we're after, we need to get clearer on the system of habits we need to get there.

Process leads to progress.

Over an energising and hyper-practical 60 minutes, we'll explore a system for establishing habits, boiling down the best thinking on the topic, and providing everyone along with an individual action plan to put into play right away.

What we'll cover:

• The peril of goals, and the power of habits.
• The principle of marginal gains.
• Beating a lack of willpower.
• How to build a new habit off the back of an existing one.
• The impact of our physical environment on forming habits.
• One-minute starts

Habits Snap
Session snapshot: We'll collaboratively work through a positive, proven playbook for habit formation.

How the session will be structured:

A YCN facilitator will lead the group through a powerful and practical playbook for productive habit formation, pulling in the perspectives of those participating — and relating them to our individual and collective challenges.

Who is the session for?

Anyone keen to get more done, and bring more purpose and meaning to their days.

Wednesday 17 January
9:30am10:30amUK time

Good to know

Habitually helpful resources

Off the back of the session we'll share resources to help you continue what we cover into work and life, and to share with your teams too.

Bring this session to your team

We can deliver this session directly into teams, in-person or virtually, wherever they're working from — adapting the content to your cultural cues. Learn more about tailored partnerships.