In Conversation with Emma Mills: Mindfulness, Creativity and the Power of 'Doing Nothing.'
Teacher and mindfulness expert Emma Mills’ Inhale. Exhale. Repeat is a YCN favourite; exploring where mindfulness can be found over the course of 24 hours in a noisy city, and offering practical and insightful advice to bring mindfulness into your day-to-day. Here, Emma walks through some simple things you can do to introduce calm to your workday, the benefits of a mindful organisation, and the surprising power of doing ‘nothing.’
In Conversation, with Toby Mildon
Toby Mildon - founder of DE&I consultancy Mildon, author of best-selling book Inclusive Growth, host of popular podcast The Inclusive Growth Show— shares actionable insights on bias awareness, getting practical with data and why diverse teams always win.
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In Conversation with Sarah Ellis, careers-maestro and co-author of You Coach You
Sarah co-founded the careers consultancy Amazing If with her business partner Helen Tupper, and together they've also co-authored the best seller Squiggly Careers and, most recently You Coach You — both firmly focussed on making work better. Here Sarah shares her take on the power of self-coaching, using self-doubt as data, and ways to keep our coaching mindsets on track.
In Conversation with Abi Adamson: Calling in, calling out and using our privilege positively.
Abi Adamson - DE&I expert, founder of The Diversity Partnership, and coach and facilitator for our Privilege and Microaggressions workshops - shares her perspective on opening in-office dialogues, being an inclusive leader, and the impact of important conversations beyond work hours.
Neurodiversity, you and 2022
Neurodiversity was one of the most popular topics among our partners’ teams in 2021, and through our work with Dr. Anne Cockayne we were delighted to support so much conversation and knowledge sharing towards great neuroinclusion among all kinds of teams.
Conflict, mediation and cultures of imperfection — In conversation with Sarah Naidoo-Banks
Business psychologist, mediator and You Can Now associate coach Sarah Naidoo-Banks shares some some perspectives on workplace conflict, alongside some actionable approaches to managing, and making the most of it.
The Great Re-engagement
The current focus on the fluidity in the workforce offers a chance for all of to reflect on what engagement can and should look like at work — both individually and organisationally. Conversations, learning and experiments offer the chance for change that sticks.
Interdependent Business, by Jim Carroll
Originally published in You Can Now Magazine, the brand consultant and former Chairman of advertising agency BBH London, nostalgically reflects on the nuance of networking, and its modern meaning in our ‘always on’ world.