Performance enhancing partnerships

Tailored training and culture consultancy

We partner with growing organisations across all sectors to deliver tailored development and culture programmes, deeply mapped to commercial and performance priorities. From high impact training sessions and values activation workshops, to multi-cohort leadership development programmes and train-the-trainer collaborations.

A vision for continual learning
A vision for continual learning

We supported the Cubitts leadership team in defining and embedding three kinds of performance conversation, tightly aligned to values — and are enabling all Cubitts managers to build the confidence and capability to have them through, blended and bitesize development programmes.

Global leadership development for Dr. Martens
Global leadership development for Dr. Martens

A multi-year partnership to support the launch and roll out of a new performance management strategy. Kicking off with a two-day summit for managers from around the world and sustained with cohort based management development training, experienced through live workshops, self-led digital tools and conversation guides. YCN facilitators worked alongside internal DM team members, using a train-the-trainer approach to support ongoing efforts in international markets.

You really got the nuance of our culture, and the way we'd need to position development to get our people-managers on board and to see what was in it all for them. People still talk about the programme today, and the tools and language we gave managers lives on powerfully in their conversations.

Helen Verwoert, Chief HR Officer — Dr. Martens
Pan-European mentoring magic for KFC managers
Pan-European mentoring magic for KFC managers

We've partnered with the fast-food-favourites since 2021 on an extraordinarily high-impact learning and belonging initiative, to connect leaders and team-members for mutually-valuable knowledge sharing. We developed a digital development portal for the programme, sharing a calendar of bitesize training 'power hours' and supporting digital tools — empowering everyone to bring the right mindset to their relationships, quickly building confidence with key skills like listening, questioning and goal-setting.

Everyday Learning at Very
Everyday Learning at Very

Combining self-directed digital learning with live, experiential and expert-led workshops — we helped the digital retailer to engage 98% of their workforce in collaborative, value-aligned and individually actionable development over 6 months. Ongoing evaluation is revealing sustained behaviour change; from the way meetings are facilitated to the shared vocabulary captured in regular DE&I pulse surveys. In the short film below, Zoë and Kim from The Very Group describe how, through inclusive experiences and everyday experiments, we're enabling people throughout the business to find continual opportunities to flex new skills and behaviours in the flow of work.

Mastery Paths for everyone at DICE
Mastery Paths for everyone at DICE

We teamed up with the terrific ticketing platform to co-design, values map and launch throughout UK and US teams a series of Mastery Paths mapped to core competencies collaboratively identified among managers and teams. The playlist style paths blended bitesize live workshops offered virtually and in-person, and super-practical digital tools offering experiments and conversation prompts among managers and their team members. Visually loaded physical tools were also designed as ongoing meeting room drops to keep new skills in hearts and minds.

Modern management skills at Work.Life
Modern management skills at Work.Life

We're taking cohorts of managers and assistant managers from the workplace experts through an energising series of modules designed to map to company values and identified manager competencies — grounded in our Core Four manager modules, and with an emphasis on collaborative, coaching-led approaches to daily team doings. Timely tools and transfer tasks have emphasised a test and learn approach throghout.

Ideas for Breakfast at Dishoom
Ideas for Breakfast at Dishoom

We partnered with everyone's favourite Irani cafe group to programme an enlightening series of talks and events, open to team-members and customers alike — pulling in the bright perspectives of creative thinkers like Alison Lloyd, Alan Yau and Tom Broughton; creating bundles of digital resources to further share the love and learning among team-members that didn't make it along. The chai flowed.

Head and shoulders above any other training and development partner in terms of relevance and originality

Andy O'Callaghan. People Director, Dishoom