The membership made for modern teams
On-demand learning, in-demand skills
High-impact meets low-cost
High-impact meets low-cost

Access an ever-growing blend of continuous development benefits, and the ongoing support to map them to your cultural and commercial priorities. Accessibility sits at the heart of everything, beginning with simple costs to match any budget.

The rapid result is your leaders and teams feeling inspired, empowered and connected to modern know-how helping them thrive at work today.

Key membership benefits

Unlimited learning for leaders and teams

Quarterly Culture Checks

As a thinking partner to your learning, HR and leadership team we'll check in quarterly to hear your latest performance and culture challenges — ensuring we're supporting them and that the 'content meets the context'.

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Team and manager kick-off sessions

Run virtually, in-person or a blend of both — we'll energise and engage your team from the off with live sessions designed to win hearts and minds and connect to your cultural cues.

Video collections that put your people in the picture
Video collections that put your people in the picture

Loved are our ever-growing libraries of, modern and motivating video-led learning. Our coaches and subject experts get in conversation with real managers and team-members from across our community. The focus is live skills and workplace challenges, pulling out authentic insights and connecting them to actions.

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Smart reporting for the Human Data

Whether within our platform, or externally, measurability of impact, and mapping development to live performance and culture challenges is critical — and we'll be continually evaluating our efforts and sharing what's working so we're learning together.

Members with benefits

We're finding the development sweet spot between push and pull — offering everyone self-directed learning, and targeting where we know we need to make a quick impact.

Jessie Williams. Head of HR, Secret Cinema
Join a community committed to continual learning
Join a community committed to continual learning

Our members are blowing the doors off the breadth and depth of development opportunities available to their teams daily. And we're continually collaborating to map and measure them against the moments that matter; and sharing knowledge, evidence and contacts across our community as we go.

Members also benefit from discounts on tailored training and culture consultancy

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