Building belief, with Ben Saunders

Building belief, with Ben Saunders

"Evolving is life’s greatest accomplishment and its greatest reward." – Ray Dalio
Personal Effectiveness
Wednesday 12 May
4:00pm5:30pmUK time

In this thought-provoking session, led by polar explorer Ben, we'll discover why our ability to persevere is ultimately a measure of how much we believe in ourselves — and learn ways to practically harness that belief. Ben will inspire us to build our own ability to act, and capacity to cope with whatever might happen as a result.

With five North Pole expeditions under his belt, Ben Saunders is leading the way in exploration. The youngest person to ski solo to the North Pole, he's also a record-breaking long-distance skier, having covered more than 7,000km on foot in the Polar Regions since 2001.

Ben's also spoken candidly about the feelings of anti-climax that accompany achievements; and the loss of motivation, drive and direction that can easily surface in the pursuit of our goals. His own belief — as we'll explore within this session — is that the continued satisfaction we can all derive from pursuing goals comes from their pursuit rather than from their attainment. That process is more important that outcome.

With this principle as our basecamp, we'll be explore ways of developing our tenacity and resilience by getting clearer on the thing that we're actually pursuing.

Viewing our self-belief as like a muscle, Ben will guide us through its impact as a lever on our ability to bounce back from inevitable set backs and how by finding and processing the right kinds of stimuli we can better set ourselves up for success. If we only do what's comfortable or familiar, the greater the odds that our self-belief will wither. Or as Norman Douglas put it, "There are some things you can’t learn from others. You have to pass through the fire."

Ben's come to see that confidence only ever follows courage, that knowledge and preparation are important — but that belief is built on action. And in this coming session he'll build our own understanding around belief, and ability to get going towards wherever we want to get next.

What we'll cover:

• Finding focus and controlling the controllables
• Beginning
• Track progress
• Cheering yourself on
• Thoughts on luck and why you can't learn to swim by reading about swimming

How the session will be structured:

Led by Ben, and supported by a facilitator from YCN, we'll mix ideas and recommendations with conversation and group exercises.

Wednesday 12 May
4:00pm5:30pmUK time

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