Educating Managers about Burnout — Symptoms and solutions, with Sarah Banks

Educating Managers about Burnout — Symptoms and solutions, with Sarah Banks

Tuesday 20 July
9:30am11:00amUK time

In these ambiguous, uncertain and distributed times, burnout is on the rise among teams of all shapes and sizes. Hybrid working brings further nuance to its symptoms too, creating new contexts and challenges for managers to contend with. This session, and the digital tools that support it, are designed to help managers support their teams, while managing their own mindsets and energy too.

Characterised by feelings of fatigue and demotivation, burnout is an outcome of working in states of repeated stress and uncertainty. It's not a new phenomenon, but over the last year — with unprecedented ambiguity, competing demands and blurred boundaries — burnout is on the rise, and on the radar of modern managers keen to better support teams through times of change.

The World Health Organisation has defined burnout as a “syndrome conceptualised as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed”, and gone on to define three dimensions of employee burnout:

— Feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion
— Increased mental distance from one’s job, or negative feelings related to one’s job
— Reduced professional efficacy

Burnout also negates someone's appetite to learn and grow, drawing all their efforts to towards getting through the day, rather than developing for the future. As a consequence, performance is much likely to be discussed with their manager, a resistance to coaching arising and with a significant impact on satisfaction and performance.

We're supporting people-managers throughout our partners' teams with evidence-led resources and expert-led conversations — enabling them to better understand and prevent burnout within their teams. This social session, led by business psychologist and coach Sarah Banks, forms part of that focus.

In a practical and conversational 90-minutes designed for people-managers, we will be exploring the signs and symptoms of burnout, unpacking the subtle indicators to be looking for and sharing proactive steps for mitigating it in advance.

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Our supporting course pack will share helpful digital tools to support and sustain the conversation.

Areas we'll cover:

• Passive and active indicators of burnout
• Spotting broader symptoms
• The link between manager communication and burnout
• The power of reflection before reaction
• Helping people with perspective taking
• Strengths based strategies

How the session will be structured:

Sarah will combine sharing evidence-led insights into the topic, opening up conversation around them with some small group exercises to unpack actionable learning and pull perspectives from the group. Sharing supporting digital resources will be key to the session, as will a commitment among the group to make use of what's shared, trying and applying new approaches among our teams — to positively test and learn together.

Tuesday 20 July
9:30am11:00amUK time

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