Charm school, with Louise Hedges

Charm school, with Louise Hedges

"After dining with Mr Gladstone, I thought he was the cleverest person in England. But after dining with Mr Disraeli, I thought I was the cleverest woman in England." Jennie Jerome — Mother of Winston Churchill
Personal Effectiveness
Wednesday 24 February
9:30am11:00amUK time

We'll deconstruct the notion of charm, unpack the behaviours of those that possess it — and learn ways we can effectively dial up our own charm for positive and purposeful impact.

Whether it's saying less and listening more, sincerely showing that they want to know what we know, asking thought-provoking questions, showing a little vulnerability or remembering names — we all have different ideas on what it is that makes someone charming.

And we seem naturally drawn to those that meaningfully take an interest, make us feel good and give us space to make an impression. These are 'the charming ones' — the people that that other people seem to gravitate towards, to champion and to go along with when decisions are being made.

So how can we all bring a bit more charm into our most important relationships? And what would having a bit more charm actually mean? In this session — led by coach and communications expert Louise Hedges — we'll explore these questions, turning them into a practical playbook for more purposeful and positive relationships.

Expect an immersive and interactive experience, among a supportive group of peers.

What we'll cover:

• Defining charm
• Rules of connection and generosity
• Attuning to others
• Impact words
• Non-verbal cues and how to read them
• Finding common ground

We'll share the session slides so you can revisit and replay key ideas with your team.

How the session will be structured:

Inclusively led by Louise, the session will balance introducing new ideas and approaches, conversation among peers and trying things out in smaller breakout groups.

Who the session's for:

Anyone curious to dig into the curious concept of charm, and leave with some practical and actionable approaches to upping their own quotient of it.

Wednesday 24 February
9:30am11:00amUK time

I loved the Charm School session yesterday! Everything was so evolving, and I learned a lot about being more attentive to others and, have seen a positive uplift in my relationships since.

Kristina, SuperAwesome

Good to know

eCourse and resources

To support the session you'll also get access to a bitesize eCourse and smart resources to help you revisit and deepen your learning.

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If you'd like them, we'll share three timely emails in the weeks that follow the session to support you in applying what you've learned.

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