Harnessing the voice in your head – with Ethan Kross PhD

Harnessing the voice in your head – with Ethan Kross PhD

Tuesday 25 May
4:00pm5:00pmUK time

Join award winning psychologist Ethan Kross for an enlightening exploration of our inner voice, the hidden power it packs and ways to harness it for a healthier and more productive life.

Most of us can relate to the idea of a voice in our head, an inner monologue. The 1-1's we have with ourselves.

And while me might be aiming to tap into a positive inner coach to lift our outlook (Focus, you can do this), we're often met by our inner critic instead (It'll never work. What's the point?)

Perhaps you've experienced how negative thoughts can spiral and undermine our success, and like many would benefit from some ways to manage and mitigate these demotivating tendencies.

The good news is we're already equipped with the tools we need to make our inner voice work in our favour. The thing is, they're often hiding in plain sight.

In his new book Chatter, acclaimed psychologist Ethan Kross, PhD, reveals them. An award winning professor in the University of Michigan's psychology department; Ethan's also the director of the Emotion & Self Control laboratory, has participated in policy discussion at the White House and with his pioneering research regularly featured in The New York Times, The New England Journal of Medicine, and Science.

We're delighted to be welcoming Ethan into our programme in May, for an insightful and invigorating session. Blending groundbreaking behavioural and brain research with real-world case studies — Ethan will expose the silent conversations we have with ourselves, show us ways to intentionally control our conscious minds and arm us with memorable methods to make the most of our internal monologue.

How the session will be structured:

Led by a YCN facilitator, Ethan will set out some of the key findings and ideas shared in Chatter — and take us through some of the most practical tools and techniques that we can all use to turn down our inner critic, turn up our inner coach — and transform the way we see the challenges and opportunities in front of us. We'll take input and questions from those along, sharing our own take on the topic together.

We'd love to have you along.

Tuesday 25 May
4:00pm5:00pmUK time
Inner Monologues, a podcast with Ethan Kross
Inner Monologues, a podcast with Ethan Kross

Recorded prior to the publication of Chatter, Ethan joined the American Psychological Society's Speaking of Psychology podcast — for a fascinating conversation, prompted by a tweet that went viral — sparking debate around the reality of inner monologues.

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