Coaching Circle: Coaching Skills — Intentional Listening

Coaching Circle: Coaching Skills — Intentional Listening

Wednesday 30 March
9:30am11:00amUK time

Join a small, supportive group of peers for a structured and collaborative development session focussed on developing your coaching skills; with a practical emphasis on the power of intentional listening to enhance relationships.

Coaching Circles bring together small groups of peers for a structured, collaborative and action-oriented exploration of a topic or theme.

Over 90 minutes, in a safe and supportive space, the group works through a series of prompted discussion points, exercises and reflection questions; drawing in their own take on a topic, focussing on live challenges within the group and creating learning and accountability on future facing steps.

This Coaching Circle is one of a series, aimed at managers and leaders across our partners’ teams keen to deepen their understanding of a coaching mindset, and in taking a ‘coach approach’ within their relationships at work.

We’ll focus on the coach’s behaviour of intentional listening, defining and practicing proven approaches to listening that are fundamental to the discipline and to supporting and enabling others.

It’s a chance to flex and improve your coaching skills, while actively coaching each-other around live challenges. A definite development win win.

In this Coaching Circle, you’ll explore and practice:

• Listening to attune

• Clarifying tools

• Empathy bridges

• Reframing and sense-checking

How the Coaching Circle will be structured:

In a small, breakout group of five peers, you'll work through a structured series of exercises, reflection questions and coaching prompts to discuss and practice together — in relation to live individual and collective challenges. Listening will, of course, be key.

Some simple reflection questions and pre-thinking will be shared in advance of the Coaching Circle, so that you come armed with some helpful starting points. All those participating will be invited to take part in future Coaching Circles that build on the listening focus that this one offers.

Wednesday 30 March
9:30am11:00amUK time
Keen for a listening workout right now?
Keen for a listening workout right now?

Take 15 minutes to work through this interactive eCourse with some powerful reflections and practical, proven tools to take your ability to really listen to the next level.

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