Coaching Circle: Making our teams more neuroinclusive

Coaching Circle: Making our teams more neuroinclusive

Thursday 11 November
9:30am11:00amUK time

Join a small group of fellow people-managers for a structured, supportive and enquiry-led exploration of the opportunity for greater neuroinclusion within modern teams.

Coaching Circles bring together small groups of peers (4-5) for a structured, collaborative and action-oriented exploration of a topic or theme.

Over 90 minutes, in a safe and supportive space, the group works through a series of prompted discussion points, exercises and reflection questions; drawing in their own take on a topic and creating learning and accountability on future facing steps.

This coming Coaching Circle is aimed at people managers keen to deepen their understanding of how to build greater inclusivity among their teams for current and future neurodivergent colleagues. Together you’ll explore opportunities for greater attraction and retention of neurodivergent talent, as well as insights on how to optimise team processes to include all kinds of thinking styles; irrespective of whether specific neurodivergent conditions have been disclosed or not. If you're new to the topic of neurodiversity, you'll find the knowledge-check in the course pack here helpful.

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An example of a Coaching Circle group discussion exercise

We’ll be building on our work with neurodiversity expert Dr. Anne Cockayne, who will join the session to kickstart everyone’s thinking before we break into our smaller 4-5 person circles in breakout rooms.

Each Coaching Circle will then work together through its structured prompts, activities and reflections to specific time-windows; with Anne bringing everyone back together for some broader sharing at a couple of key moments, and to conclude around commitments.

Discussion and activities will focus on:

• The opportunity to better attract neurodivergent talent.
• Optimising neuroinclusive language.
• The meaning of ‘reasonable’ in ‘reasonable adjustments’.
• Strengths based interviews and question reframes.

This Coaching Circle is aimed at people managers; both those who've attended training sessions around neurodiversity with You Can Now and Anne to-date, and also those newer to the topic.

Thursday 11 November
9:30am11:00amUK time

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Designed alongside Dr. Anne Cockayne, our Neuroaware programme is opening conversation and closing knowledge gaps among teams about neurodiversity at work.

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