Coaching Circle: Building trust in hybrid teams

Coaching Circle: Building trust in hybrid teams

Personal Effectiveness
Wednesday 27 July
4:00pm5:30pmUK time

Join a small group of fellow people-managers for a structured, supportive and enquiry-led exploration of why intentionally building more trust into modern team relationships will help them to thrive, and taking away practical ways to do so among your own.

Coaching Circles bring together small groups of peers (4-5) for a structured, collaborative and action-oriented exploration of a topic or theme.

Over 90 minutes, in a safe and supportive space, the group works through a series of prompted discussion points, exercises and reflection questions; drawing in their own take on a topic and creating learning and accountability on future facing steps.

This coming Coaching Circle is aimed at people managers keen to deepen their understanding of trust as a powerful lever for driving inclusion and performance in modern, distributed teams — and to commit to practical applications of tactical approaches towards greater trust in their own.

Trust is at the heart of all successful relationships — whether with our teams, clients or peers. And while building more trust is something we'd all agree is a purposeful pursuit, what's harder to define is how to practically go about it. Which is what we'll practically and positively explore together.

Expect an immersive and interactive experience, among a supportive group of peers.

How the session will be structured:

Having shared a warm welcome and context on format upon arrival, each Coaching Circle of 4-5 peers will then work together through a series of structured discussions, activities and reflections to specific time-windows. All circles will come together as one at key moments, before reforming and moving on.

Discussion and activities will focus on:

• The Trust Equation
• Quantifying our credibility, reliability, intimacy and self-orientation.
• How everyday empathy can boost our trust quotient.
• The role of vulnerability in relationships.

Who the session is for:

This Coaching Circle is aimed at those managing others, or shortly to do so — and wanting to explore powerful enhancements in those relationships among supportive and collaborative peers.

Wednesday 27 July
4:00pm5:30pmUK time