Find the Coaching in Criticism

Find the Coaching in Criticism

Thursday 8 December
4:00pm5:30pmUK time

Join a collaborative and purposeful session, arming yourself with the mindset and tools to better process, validate and evaluate the feedback you receive — so you're better placed to decide if, how and when to act on it.

Pulling it in

Feedback is crucial for our learning, growth and relationships. But it doesn't always come our way in brilliantly packaged doses — perfectly framed and easy to process. So tools and techniques for helping those 'feedback givers' to better help us will always be handy.

Sheila Heen (co-author of Thanks for the Feedback and Difficult Conversations) and her smart team at the Harvard Negotiation Project have identified three key human triggers that often ‘go off’ when we’re on the receiving end of ‘constructive’ or critical feedback: our truth trigger (‘that’s not what happened!’), our relationship trigger (‘who are you to tell me that?’) and our identity trigger (‘that’s just not who I am!’). And these built-in triggers (discover more on them at the resource linked below), are just one of the reasons we often reject what might help us — slipping into a 'fixed', rather than a 'growth', mindset.

Know thyself, grow thyself

The challenge isn’t to work out how to ignore these triggers. It’s to become more self-aware that they're happening in the background of our brains, and to learn how to extract beneficial learning from feedback, however it's come our way. And that’s exactly what we’ll arm ourselves with in this workshop.

Coaching Crit Q
Session slide snapshot, and something to ponder

What we'll cover:

— The intriguing science behind what happens in our brains when we're criticised.
— Self-coaching questions to get us out of self-limiting thinking traps.
— The importance of pausing, acknowledging and questioning when receiving development feedback
— The distinction between a growth and fixed mindset.
— Self-awareness around the three key triggers, and where our own propensity to be triggered lies.
— 'Empathetic expressions’ that validate someone’s shared feedback, and encouraging them to helpfully expand on it.

How the session will be structured:

Led by a You Can Now Coach Facilitator — we'll collaboratively combine sharing and discussing key ideas and principles with some reflections, solo exercises and practicing new approaches together in small supportive peer groups.

Who the session is for:

Anyone keen to develop their understanding of a growth mindset and be better equipped to turn any kind of feedback received into development goodness.

Thursday 8 December
4:00pm5:30pmUK time
An enabling pre-read
An enabling pre-read

In this bitesize resource we dig into some of the tools, tactics and other workshop talking points around our goal of receiving feedback well, what to do when it doesn't land well, and 'separating the data' from the interpretation.

Read on, get growing...