Having Effective 1-1s

Having Effective 1-1s

"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place." George Bernard Shaw
Thursday 26 January
9:30am11:00amUK time

The importance of purposeful and inclusive 1-1s between managers and team members has become all the more evident in these increasingly distributed times. In this practical and social session we'll explore proven and behaviourally driven principles for relational success — turning them into individual plans for immediate action and experimentation.

In a valuable 1-1, managers and team members connect with purpose around the challenges and opportunities of the day; building their mutual understanding and ensuring that goals are clear and being worked towards. A protected space in calendars, good 1-1s create time for co-creation, coaching and mentoring - for opening up and sharing blockers.

With teams now more distributed than ever, it's easy for 1-1s to slip both in terms of their frequency and their focus. And we know from our work with hundreds of managers and team members in all kinds of teams — and from our insights into exit interviews — that lack of clarity in 1-1s (or worse, an absence or regular cancelling of them) is one of the biggest drivers of dis-engagement.

From performance, inclusion and wellbeing perspectives, these conversations have never been more important to establish, sustain, and continually evolve. And from the style of our communication to clarity around goals; building trust to using tech; collaborating on agendas to getting clear on actions, there are plenty of practical principles to remind ourselves on, and make sure we’re applying with intention.

In this virtual and hands-on session, we'll work through these principles; facilitating conversation around them, pulling in our own perspectives and practicing new approaches in small groups right away: building our confidence to experiment with them back inside the relationships that matter the most.

We'll share the sessions slides and handy digital resources so you can revisit and replay key learning among your team.

What we'll cover:

• Defining and demystifying the scientifically proven drivers of engagement
• Types of 1-1 and ideal frequencies
• Co-creating agendas
• Priming with positivity
• Connecting work to the bigger picture
• Coaching questions

Who the session's for:

Anyone, whether managers or team members, keen to get more from their 1-1s and willing to practice and experiment with new approaches among a supportive group of peers.

Thursday 26 January
9:30am11:00amUK time

Really clear examples of how to apply the theory that was shared.

Kanyin, Department for Transport

Good to know

On demand resources, to support your 1-1s

To support the session we'll share our latest handy digital resources to help you revisit and deepen your learning.

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Nudge nudge

If you'd like them, we'll share timely emails in the weeks that follow the session to support you in applying what you've learned within your 1-1s.

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Better 1-1s where you work

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