How Confidence Works — A new conversation with Ian Robertson

How Confidence Works — A new conversation with Ian Robertson

Praise for Ian's book: "Brilliant.... it will change how you think about confidence." — Johann Hari. "Change-inspiring examples for every kind of performer." — Pippa Grange.
Wednesday 26 January
4:00pm5:00pmUK time

Join us for a practical exploration of the new science of self-belief; once again led by psychologist, neuroscientist and co-director of the Global Brain Health Institute, Ian Robinson. Together we'll be unpacking the ideas in Ian's book, and sharing some practical mindsets and approaches for immediately upping our own confidence quotient.

"Imagine we could discover something with the ability to make us richer, healthier, longer-living, smarter, kinder, happier, more-motivated and more innovative. Ridiculous, you might say.. What is this elixir? Confidence"


In his brilliant book, Ian Robinson reveals how confidence works through drug-like effects in our brain. Confidence lifts our performance by helping us to focus on the right things, in ways that we can do them better — and creating virtuous circles of confidence that multiply our success, and super-size our original mental capacity.

And when we lack confidence, the impact can be every bit as real but in the opposite direction; derailing our growth and sometimes having a seriously detrimental effect on our performance and future.

But, as Ian will generously share in this short, practical and conversational session (building on a similar session Ian led in August last year) — there is good news! Confidence can be learned, and there are things we can be immediately trying to build it in ourselves and in those around us. Confidence is ultimately the driver of all action; and so better understanding it will help us approach any kind of change we want to see in the world.

Join us for a belief-building 60 minutes with Ian and others, driven by the curiosity of those along and with very transferable ideas to take away and experiment with.

What we'll cover:

• The concept of confidence and how it works
• The effects of confidence on the brain and the body
• How to practically gain confidence through habit, thought and behaviour

Who the session is for:

Anyone curious about the concept of confidence, wanting to boost their own — and help others to build their belief too.

Wednesday 26 January
4:00pm5:00pmUK time

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