In conversation: Inclusive Growth, with Toby Mildon

In conversation: Inclusive Growth, with Toby Mildon

Thursday 3 December
4:00pm5:00pmUK time

We've invited in the expertise and experiences of Diversity & Inclusion architect Toby, to share and explore a practical framework for inclusive and growth-oriented workplaces — as outlined in his new book.

Toby Mildon and his team help companies become more inclusive by re-engineering business processes and creatively addressing cultural barriers. They're on a mission to minimise the impact of bias and enable future-proof, inclusive workplaces that drive growth.

Before setting up Mildon, his eponymous D&I practice, Toby drove the D&I agenda working within big organisations like Deloitte and the BBC — and in doing so learned first hand the challenges and opportunities that come with meaningfully driving change.

In this coming conversational session, he'll reveal the real drivers of growth, innovation, and creativity within organisations — and ensuring that we all take away actionable insights to support conversation around inclusion and growth within our own.

How the session will be structured:

Driven by the goals, challenges and questions from those participation, we'll draw out key themes and thinking from Toby's book, Inclusive Growth, including:

• Strategically aligning diversity and inclusion to organisational growth
• Motivating senior leaders to ‘walk the talk’ for inclusivity
• Working as a whole organisation rather than in HR isolation
• Celebrating your inclusivity to become an employer of choice

We'll also look at some examples of organisations that are innovating with digital products and services that support inclusive growth.

Who the session is for:

Anyone — from founders and department heads to team-members and interns — interested in driving the inclusion agenda and accessing some smart thinking among a curious group of peers.

Inclusive Growth, by Toby Mildon
Thursday 3 December
4:00pm5:00pmUK time