In conversation: Talking with children about race, with Dr. Pragya Agarwal

Diversity & Inclusion
Tuesday 9 February
12:00pm1:00pm UK time

We'll welcome back behavioural scientist Pragya, to explore the ideas in her new book, Wish We Knew What to Say — a vital toolkit of talking points on race, difference and inclusion for parents current and future.

Wish We Knew What to Say is a new and timely book, written by behavioural and data scientist, Dr Pragya Agarwal. Its aim is to equip parents, carers, educators and everyone else too, with the tools and vocabulary to talk to children about people's differences and similarities in an open, non-judgemental and curious way — helping them address any unfairness they might see or encounter.

Drawing on her behavioural expertise, Pragya brings in the science of how children perceive race and form racial identity, combining it with personal experiences, scenarios, questions, thought starters, resources and advice.

In Wish We Knew What to Say, we learn how our early years are the most crucial; the power of childhood curiosity — and how dangerously easy stereotypes and biases can become deeply ingrained as we grow older. Pragya shows us how we're all responsible in our communication and relationships for laying the foundations for the next phases of young people's lives, and helping them make sense of emotionally charged messages they receive about themselves and others.

In this conversational session, guided by a YCN facilitator and the questions of those joining, Pragya will share the context for her thinking, expand on the ideas in her book and share helpful and practical takeaways.

Wish We Knew What to Say, by Dr. Pragya Agarwal
Tuesday 9 February
12:00pm1:00pm UK time