Inclusion Lab: With Toby Mildon

Inclusion Lab: With Toby Mildon

Tuesday 6 February
9:30am10:30amUK time

Unpack real workplace inclusion scenarios, guided by the expertise of DEI maestro Toby. We'll pull in peer perspectives, learn from each other and leave with relevant experiments to test in our teams.

Live learning + experiments

Our Inclusion Lab offers a space for dynamic, collective learning around real challenges and opportunities.

Participants are invited to share their own workplace inclusion scenarios in advance; whether challenges that feel problematic or opportunities that feel inviting.

That could be concerns about participation in team meetings, a suspicion that onboarding processes are inadvertently excluding certain groups or a general feeling that engagement is dropping as a team becomes more distributed. The more real and relatable the better.

Always be experimenting

We blend and focus on two scenarios — sharing them back with the group in advance. And in the session we deconstruct them together, identifying actionable ways to mitigate malaise and accelerate positive change. Everyone leaves with relevant, practical experiments to take away and test in their teams.

How the Lab session will be structured:

Into the Lab we invite a subject expert to guide the conversation — bringing lived experiences and professional insights to combine with the ideas and perspectives in the group.

For our November session, that will be Toby Mildon — longstanding YCN collaborator, DEI architect, founder of the consultancy Mildon, prolific podcaster and author of the best-selling book Inclusive Growth.

To socially explore the scenarios, drawing on Toby's perspective throughout — we'll combine collective exercises with one or two short breakout exercises enabling smaller conversations and sharing.

Who is the Inclusion Lab for:

Anyone keen to explore real workplace inclusion scenarios with supportive peers, share their take on what's covered and experiment with approaches for greater inclusion within their own teams. And you don't have to share a scenario to take part, but all sharing is welcome.

Tuesday 6 February
9:30am10:30amUK time
Want to share a scenario right now?
Want to share a scenario right now?

Please feel free to share that in confidence at the link below. We tend to blend and combine what's shared ahead of the session, but do sometimes use standalone scenarios in isolation. We'll be in touch with some clarifying questions, and also to sense-check the degree of additional context you're happy to share within the session itself, if any.

Share your scenario