Mastering meetings

Mastering meetings

”A world without meetings is not the answer. In many regards organisational democracy takes places in meetings, representing an evolution over command and control systems of the industrial revolution” — Steve Rogelberg, The Surprising Science of Meetings
Wednesday 8 June
4:00pm5:30pmUK time

Join a practical and collaborative gathering to learn and experiment with proven approaches to more purposeful, positive and productive meetings.

Can you think of a recent meeting you’ve been part of that was less than perfect? Not sure why you were there? Disappointed that some voices were more evident than others? Unclear on action points?

There are many factors that lead to ineffective meetings. Some are very common like those above, others less so (as Bruce Daisley often reveals in his brilliant Eat Sleep Work Repeat podcast series).

The point is, we waste a lot of our time and energy with badly designed and poorly facilitated meetings — missing out on all the ideas and togetherness within our grasp.

Steve Rogelberg has thought more about these opportunities than most. In his enlightening book, The Surprising Science of Meetings, Steve argues that meetings should be about creating energy, including everyone, collaborating, developing ideas and committing to action together. About positively and purposefully learning from each other.

That’s where we’ll be pointing our guns in this practical and collaborative session — the fundamental science, strategies; tried and tested tips and techniques to maximise the impact of your own meetings — virtual, in-person or hybrid). Together we'll introduce, test and explore ideas you can share with your teams and start experimenting with right away.

And the good news is lots of what we cover will be relevant to broader challenges at work too, like decision making, having difficult conversations and productivity.

We’d love to have you along.

What we’ll cover:

• Defining and communicating a purpose
• Priming for participation
• Making ‘hybrid’ meetings work (it can be done!)
• Beginning well
• Digression Vs Decision
• Tools for collaboration and inclusion
• Dealing with difficult participants

How the session will be structured:

We’ll collaboratively work through a series of principles and practices, trying things out together, sharing our own challenges and experiences and getting clear on the experiments we’ll be running in our own teams off the back of the session.

Who the session is for:

Anyone keen to bring more purpose, focus and effectiveness to the meetings they’re part of.

Wednesday 8 June
4:00pm5:30pmUK time