Meaningful Mentoring

Meaningful Mentoring

Wednesday 22 June
4:00pm5:30pmUK time

Many of us are called on to mentor, whether through formal mentoring programmes, in our work as people-managers or informally through supportive daily interactions with people we care about. And much like its sister skillset of coaching — as we'll discover in this 90 minute workshop — there's much that we can consider and practice to become more effective and impactful as a mentor to others.

As a mentor you've got to be lots of things - a good example, a cheer-leader, a coach, a guide, an expert and a friend. And blending these behaviours well can be transformative to the confidence of others, and hugely rewarding for ourselves.

And being a mentor, whether that's formally or informally, is a big responsibility too; both in terms of the time required to manage a mentoring relationship (and make it a mutually meaningful one) and also in terms of the impact on the steps that someone else takes based on their relationship with us.

One of the best things the opportunity to mentor someone else offers is the chance to build, flex and apply some of the most vital communication and relational skills needed in the world of work. Curious questioning, active listening, and goal and accountability setting will all be key in a purposeful mentoring relationship; and tools born in the world of coaching like the GROW model (Goal > Reality > Options > Way Forward) are super helpful to use too.

We'll define and practice these within this social, collaborative and supportive workshop, following on with a short, practical and experimental course of self-directed micro-learning that inspires you to carry key skillsets and mindsets forward, and bring them to life in all kinds of relationships in and outside of work.

How the session will be structured:

You'll be among peers on similar development journeys, working together as a group, inclusively guided by a You Can Now coach-facilitator, and spending some of the session in smaller breakouts of 3-4 people. We'd love to have you along.

Core concepts we'll cover:

• Mentoring Vs Coaching. The relational spectrum
• Your confidence to mentor
• The GROW model, as a tool for focus in relationships
• Active listening quick wins
• Curious questioning and playing back insights

Who the session is for:

Anyone in an existing mentoring relationship (whether formal or not) who's about to embark on one, or is otherwise keen to super-size their communication skills among a supportive group of peers.

In the short film below, founder of Creative Mentor Network and friend of You Can Now Isabel Farchy, shares some interesting insights on the role of a mentor.

Wednesday 22 June
4:00pm5:30pmUK time