Microaggressions, calling in and calling out — with Sereena Abbassi

Diversity & Inclusion
Wednesday 26 May
4:00pm5:30pm UK time

Continuing our collaborative exploration of the DEI conversations live among our community right now, we're delighted to be teaming up with Sereena Abbassi to explore the concept of microaggressions, and our responsibilities to both 'call them out' and 'call them in'.

An Independent Equity, Inclusion & Diversity Consultant; Sereena is committed to creating organisational transformation, grounded in a deep-seated belief that all our liberations are tied to each others. The former Worldwide Head of Culture & Inclusion at M&C Saatchi Group, today Sereena is taking her activism into the corporate space; driving conversation and championing change for clients including Airbnb, Facebook, ICA, The Mill and Ustwo.

In this social and conversational 90 minute session, Sereena will hold a safe and inclusive space in which examples of racial microaggressions, and others in relation to different characteristics, will be introduced and unpacked. She'll facilitate conversation around the subtext, meaning and problematic nature of such interactions, those that leave marginalised groups feeling uncomfortable or insulted.

Within the session we'll also discover the distinction between 'calling out' and 'calling in'; and arm ourselves with practical and intentional language for pressing a pause button on the potentially damaging momentum that microaggressions cause, while developing our vocabulary for creating mutual understanding within contexts of difference.

We'll leave the session feeling enlightened, and equipped with tangible takeouts on how to engage and address situations where friends, family members or colleagues may have used a microaggression.

We'd love to have you along.

Wednesday 26 May
4:00pm5:30pm UK time
Sereena in conversation with Anna
Sereena in conversation with Anna

In this recent conversation with coach, OpenBlend founder and friend of YCN, Anna Rasmussen — Sereena discusses her path into the DEI space, the difference between equity and equality and the power of seeing the world through the eyes of others.

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