Owning feedback, with Katy Kent

Owning feedback, with Katy Kent

"We each have two human needs: To learn and grow and to be respected, accepted and loved the way you are. Even though feedback facilitates learning and growth, it conflicts with our need to feel respected. This is a key reason we resist feedback." Sheila Heen
Personal Effectiveness
Tuesday 25 January
9:30am11:00amUK time

By the end of this session you'll feel more confident and capable to effectively give and receive performance enhancing feedback, positively impacting your most important relationships.

In modern working cultures, feedback is a must-have — the ultimate learning tool. It's something we must continually improve our ability to share and to absorb at all times. As well as landing it clearly with those around us; we've got to regularly pull it in, rather than waiting for it to be pushed our way.

But often feedback is handled badly — infrequently, formally, framed in the wrong way, not rooted in real observation and impossible to 'isolate' and act on. And so it's no surprise that this can have negative consequences; points of view get muddled, identities challenged, emotions triggered and relationships rocked.

This pacy and practical session, led by coach and facilitator Katy Kent, is all about getting into the habit of giving and getting purposeful and performance enhancing feedback in the right way and at the right times.

Expect an immersive and interactive experience, among a supportive group of peers.

What we'll cover:

• Frameworks for giving and receiving feedback
• Positivity ratios
• The Behaviour, Impact, Do model
• Emotional triggers, and how to deal with them
• Separating data from interpretation
• Strengths based feedback

We'll share the session slides, so you can revisit and replay what's covered among your team.

How the session will be structured:

Led by coach-facilitator Katy, we'll mix some practical instruction, discussion and trying out new tools and techniques together.

Who the session's for:

Anyone wishing to get better at giving and receiving feedback in all sorts of contexts and happy to share their own experiences among a supportive group of peers.

Tuesday 25 January
9:30am11:00amUK time

The facilitator was very attentive and inclusive. I really liked the breakout exercises, will definitely be using the BID model and making sure to be continually noticing more!

Priscila, Learnerbly

Good to know

Helpful resources

To support the session you'll also get access to a digital workbook and other smart resources to help you revisit and deepen your learning.

O Ftop
Finding the coaching in criticism

On our topic page for Owning Feedback, you'll find some starters for ten to kickstart your thinking around the power of 'noticing' and the danger of our three emotional triggers.

Super Awesome
Building a feedback culture

We can deliver this session directly into teams, wherever they're working from. Find out more about our tailored partnerships here.