Voice Gym, building vocal confidence with Ingrid Gray

Voice Gym, building vocal confidence with Ingrid Gray

Personal Effectiveness
Tuesday 16 January
2:00pm3:00pmUK time

In this live session, vocal coach Ingrid will actively share techniques for upping your confidence and impact when communicating — whether in-person, on-screen or somewhere in between.

We can all benefit from a stronger and more confident voice — and this session is all about developing one.

Led by Ingrid Gray — a voice coach, and graduate of the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama — you'll be exploring a variety of methods that enable better projection, relaxation and the release of tension so that you're more capable and confident when speaking in different working contexts day-to-day.

What we'll cover:

• How to relax and release tension
• Improving your posture and alignment
• Breathing techniques, vocal resonance and modulation
• Enhancing presence and impact in virtual scenarios.

How the session will be structured

As a group we'll work through a series of enjoyable and transformative exercises, led by Ingrid.

Who the session's for:

Anyone wishing to level up their vocal confidence and feel better equipped when speaking.

Practice articulation with Ingrid now
Tuesday 16 January
2:00pm3:00pmUK time