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Book Club: New Methods for Women
With Sharmadean Reid, 27th June. 12—1pm (UK time)

What does real empowerment look like, and how do you achieve it?

This is the big question that founder, writer and creative consultant Sharmadean Reid MBE sets out to explore in her brand new book New Methods for Women, offering a toolkit of 49 methods for a more purposeful and empowered life.

In New Methods for Women, Sharmadean candidly draws from her own experiences and challenges as a business-owner, parent and friend, and makes the case that “individual work on ourselves needs to precede collective action.”

Her toolkit of New Methods presents a blend of emotive and deeply practical experiments for doing this work daily — exploring behaviours like trust, competition, listening well, our media diet, decision making, negotiation and compassion. All are brought to life with diverse reference points, enlightening quotes and are backed by Sharmadean’s motivating calls-to-action for testing and learning — just as she's spent years doing herself.

And the data from those doing the same alongside her is very promising. Advocates for the tools have reported "better relationships, more confidence and, significantly, more salary increases. Little by little, the Methods work."

Join the session, test the New Methods
Join the session, test the New Methods

Sharmadean wants her book to be put into immediate action for individual and cultural change, "making the content redundant in my lifetime and absurd in a century”. And so we’re delighted she’ll be joining us live, virtually on the 27th June, 12—1pm UK time, publication day, sharing insights into the methods and her own experimentation — and responding to the thoughts, questions and challenges of those along.

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About Sharmadean
About Sharmadean

Sharmadean Reid MBE is a founder, writer and creative consultant who in her 20 year career has launched WAH nails, an innovation led salon, Beautystack, a beauty tech start up and most recently The Stack World, a network for leaders, founders and entrepreneurs.

A member of the British Beauty Council, Sharmadean is an ambassador for Futuregirlcorp, a business boot-camp for female entrepreneurs. Her work explores the role that communities and networks play in relationship between women, equity and power.

Sharmadean received an MBE in 2015 for her services to the nail and beauty industry.

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