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Experiments for Stressilience
with Dr. Sam Akbar

Feeling Stressilient?

With her best-selling book Stressilient, Dr. Sam Akbar has distilled a decade of work as an NHS clinical psychologist and trauma specialist into an actionable, portable guide for proactively building our tolerance to stress, and expanding our resilience reserves.

We've partnered with Sam on an experimental video-based course of science-backed strategies and everyday tools for managing stress and building resilience — both individually and in our teams. Over a two-week period, Sam will share these tools with you, sequenced to help you test them out, establish helpful habits and evaluate the impact they're having.


Test and learn together

Sam's experiments will cover...

— Creating distance between yourself and your thoughts
— Making room for powerful emotions
— Everyday mindfulness
— Urge surging

You'll be encouraged to share your progress and experience of the tools with colleagues along the way, and invited to join a short, optional 'wrap and reflect' session with Sam and other programme participants in early '24.

Sign up for the programme here
Sign up for the programme here

We'll then share a link to a pathway at the YCN platform where you'll find all of Sam's videos and experiments; to test and learn with at your own pace — and to share some evidence of impact on completion.

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