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Trust Based Business Development
A collaborative programme for commercial and relational growth

"I know it when I feel it"

Trust is a complex concept, and our success in building and enriching relationships over time will pivot on the amount of trust within them. Throughout this social, practical and expert-led programme, you'll explore key levers for trust and practically apply them to live relationships for immediate commercial impact.

Our next cross-organisational cohort launches on 10th June '24. Contact us to learn more about cohorts, or tailoring the programme for your team.

For commercial and relational leaders keen to:

• Drive new commercial relationships
• Enable trust-based-growth within existing ones
• Win critical opportunities
• Build a more customer-centric culture
• Feel more confident asking for referrals
• Better understand the levers of influence
• Apply proven approaches immediately to real relationships

Prefer a PDF?
Prefer a PDF?

Download a snappy, shareable summary of core programme content, and discover ways to join cross-organisational cohorts or tailor what's covered to your key commercial challenges and cultural cues.

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Your Trusted Advisor throughout
Your Trusted Advisor throughout

We've developed the Trust Based Business Development programme with Louise Hedges, a coach and commercial consultant with 20 years of experience training leaders and teams to embrace the Trusted Advisor philosophy for commercial and relational growth. Louise will guide you through each module and facilitate the live workshops throughout.

Programme structure

Complementary modules, with workshops at their heart

Trust Grow2

Three key modules

Over eight weeks you'll work through three core, complementary modules blending practical and experiential group training workshops with self-directed digital learning completed individually in-between them. Fundamental to the approach of the programme is the application of what’s covered immediately to live relationships; with tools, templates and reflection aids provided throughout to enable this.

Trust Ladder
Module one: Trust based selling

We begin with the Trusted Advisor philosophy, deconstructing the ‘Trust Equation’ and discovering where there are ways to optimise the amounts of Credibility, Reliability, Intimacy and Self-orientation in specific relationships.

Trust Ladder
Module two: Levers of influence

We examine and define proven approaches for bringing more purposeful influence into all kinds of commercial conversations and scenarios; experimenting with reciprocity triggers, commitment devices and much else too.

Trust Ladder
Module three: The Trust Toolkit

We’ll turn the Trust Principles: Self to Other, Collaboration, Medium to long-term thinking, and Consistent Transparency into a toolkit for ongoing application within the relationships that matter the most.

Curious to explore?
Curious to explore?

Combining energising workshops with self-paced modules; we deliver the programme to cross-organisational cohorts and directly into groups from our partners' teams too. To find out more, to join coming cohorts, or discuss bringing the programme in directly — call +44 (0)20 7033 2140 or email