Inclusive onboarding, with Else

Inclusive onboarding, with Else

Creative Thinking
Wednesday 27 January
9:30am11:00amUK time

Intentional, inclusive onboarding makes future colleagues feel part of something well before their first day 'in the office' and properly plugged in from the get go. In this expert-led session we'll explore proven principles, and reveal immediate experiential enhancements that we can all take away and apply.

Much has been written about the cultural and commercial impact of inclusive workplaces (this piece in the latest issue of Harvard Business Review has a particularly interesting angle). Together with our partners' teams, we're really interested in exploring the practical elements and behaviours that negate bias with conscious inclusion.

And that's the focus of this session; examining where workplace inclusion begins; and how — through creative and intentional approaches to 'onboarding' — smart organisations are making their future team members feel included from the moment they discover a job advert.

When onboarding is done well it delights people and sets them up for success; reflects our company values and how we want and cultures to be perceived. And, much like a good unboxing experience, when it's good — people want to share it.

But doing it well is easy to overlook, particularly when so much else is competing for time and attention.

To solve some problems and impart some proven and practical guidance — we'll pull in the user experience design smarts of specialist consultancy Else, with Warren Hutchison (founder and Chief Experience Officer) and Dave Dunlop (Partner and Chief Design Officer) joining to lead the session alongside a facilitator from YCN.

Warren and Dave will take us through an adapted version of their proven experience blueprinting process, helping us individually map out parts of our own approaches to onboarding, and then collectively explore ways to enhance them.

How the session will be structured:

Expect an enlightening and energising workshop, blending some experience design insights; with practical, collaborative exercises that focus us on individual and collective opportunities for better bringing people into our teams.

Wednesday 27 January
9:30am11:00amUK time

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Supporting resources

We'll share digital resources alongside the session, helping you dig deeper into new approaches to better onboarding.

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