Think like an artist

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up" — Pablo Picasso
Creative Thinking
Wednesday 13 January
9:30am11:00am UK time

In this enlightening and interactive session, we'll explore how art can enrich our work and life, rediscovering our inner artist and and learn tools to apply to all kinds of contexts.

The notion of an Artist has many stereotypes from 'creative genius' to 'tortured soul' and although many of us might greatly appreciate, and even dabble in making art — whether painting, music, writing or origami, we rarely have the opportunity to reflect on the creative process and how it might enrich other parts of our life and work.

We may have set-out to be an artist, but found ourselves constrained by the realities of making our way in the world and let our creative dreams go. Or perhaps we have the opinion, passed from a well-meaning parent or teacher, that we are not creative. But everyone is creative.

Join us in this hands on, social workshop to explore the work and creative process of some well known (and not so obvious) artists, and discover tools to support you in recovering your creativity and applying it to all kinds of challenges and opportunities.

What we'll cover

• What is art for?
• Learning from the masters
• The three Ps: Perspective, Process & Practice
• Tools and techniques for creative recovery
• Shifting towards a mindset of artistry: living a creative life

How the session will be structured

We'll explore some ideas and tools to get inspired and then work through a series of short exercises. Expect an energising mix of individual reflection, group discussion and practical application.

Who is this session for?

Anyone who is interested in exploring what art and the artistic process can offer our life and work.

Expect an immersive and interactive experience, among a supportive group of peers.
Wednesday 13 January
9:30am11:00am UK time

Good to know

Supporting resources
Supporting resources

Alongside the session you'll get access to some smart resources to help you revisit and deepen your learning around the topic.

Nudge nudge
Nudge nudge

If you'd like them, we'll share three timely emails in the weeks that follow the session to support you in applying what you've learned.

Bring this session to your team
Bring this session to your team

We can deliver this session directly into teams, wherever they're working from. Find out more about our tailored partnerships here.