Modern, relevant training that teams really, really love

Working closely to understand your unique cultural and commercial priorities, we bring a blend of bitesize and brain-friendly training formats to your teams — wherever they're working from. Our focus is on in-demand skills for the modern world of work, and quickly equipping people with the confidence to apply them.

Here you'll find some key ways we can support continual learning throughout your team, the core themes we focus on and the current topics that tie into each.

Supporting your learning culture

Key ways we enable teams

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Self-serve access to our training platform

All of our core topics can be explored by your team on our unique learning platform, through live virtual workshops, on-demand resources and micro-learning. A buffet of brain-and-diary-friendly development, discovered among a diverse community of peers.

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Tailored training delivered directly to your teams

From energising one-off workshops to ongoing programmes; resource-first collaborations to coaching groups, we can engage, motivate and develop your teams directly around in-demand skills wherever they're working from.


Core themes for skills in teams

Our focus is on in-demand skills; the most relevant, useful capabilities and mindsets required to thrive in the modern world of work, identified through deep, ongoing collaboration with our partners. Through workshops, resources and micro-learning we help your teams to master them quickly and apply them continually in relation to the opportunities that matter the most. We prioritise four core complementary themes — shared below, along with the latest topics that relate to each.

1. Personal Effectiveness
1. Personal Effectiveness

Don't call them soft skills, they're super-powers! From giving and receiving feedback well to presenting with purpose; influencing others to managing time, these key skills are fundamental to the success of your working relationships and impact on others.

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2. Creative and Critical Thinking
2. Creative and Critical Thinking

Despite the commonly heard refrain 'I'm not creative', the reality is that creative thinking is simply thinking differently. And in modern, increasingly flat and distributed teams, ideas should confidently come from anywhere. Our focus is on giving everyone the tools they need to think clearly, creatively and critically.

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3. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
3. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

From closing knowledge-gaps around neurodiversity to beating bias for better decisions, modern teams are continually working towards more diverse and inclusive cultures where everyone can play to their strengths. Our focus in this area is ever-evolving, and informed by an enlightened community of subject experts.

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4. Self & Wellbeing
4. Self & Wellbeing

Self-management, proactive resilience building and an awareness of our drivers, drainers and energisers is fundamental to success in any area. Our exploration of the latest opportunities for mental health and wellbeing at an individual and team level lays foundations for lateral learning and much else too.

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Growing organisations of all shapes and sizes
Growing organisations of all shapes and sizes

Different industries — a shared belief. Whether fast-growth tech companies like Epic Games and Dice, sensational retailers like Lush and Cubitts, amazing charities like the NSPCC and Shelter or creative studios like Koto and Wolff Olins, our partners are thriving across an ever expanding circle of sectors. And they're united in their belief in enabling continual learning throughout their teams.

Enabling your people managers
Enabling your people managers

When managers are bringing development into their check-ins and 1-1s, they create a disproportionate level of engagement with their teams. We help managers to drive continual learning and the application of newly acquired skills to the challenges of the day, fuelling your learning culture.

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