Course Pack: Effective 1-1s

These curated resources, many referenced in our Effective 1-1s course, will help you to dig deeper into the topic and revisit some of the key concepts covered. Included are links to various tools, Miro boards and planning templates. We've shared the complete workshop slides too, for those planning to replay was covered among their teams. Embed your learning by sharing it with others (aka the protegé effect).

Supporting resources

Go early, and get hands on with your agenda

In our Effective 1-1s live session we share some different Miro boards to show how purposeful it can be to have a co-created and mutually editable agenda.

Here's a helpful Miro board template if you'd like to experiment with it.

And here's a simple G doc version too.


Scaling questions!

On a scale of 1-10 where's your energy right now?
How much autonomy do you feel you have right now on a scale of 1-10? What could we do to move that up by 1 point?

Scaling questions can be really handy to benchmark and build on in our 1-1s. More on how to experiment with them here.


Ooooh, Good Question!

Here's a great primer on curiosity inducing questions, helpful for all kinds of performance conversations.


Are you listening?

Questions are nothing if listening skills are lacking. If you'd like to sharpen yours, take a look at this 10 minute eCourse.


Visualise progress

Our 'resource runway' is a great way for members of our editorial team to see the progress we're making on a week-to-week basis. How can you visualise progress in your 1-1s? (That could be as simple as a post-its in a wall).


Experiment with a Manual of Me

Originally conceived by Ben Dattner and developed further by the bright minds at Leapers, a Manual of Me is a really useful tool for showing people how they can best work with you. A Manual of Me creates positive conversations among teams about strengths, differences and inclusive collaboration. We reference the tool regularly in our training sessions on neurodiversity, and this resource shares some more context for those keen to experiment with a Manual of Me in 1-1s, as well as some advice from those who already have. You'll see Manual of Me templates in the session slides too.

Practice BID

Katy JP copy

We introduce the popular and proven BID model in our training on running Effective 1-1s, as a tool for making sure development feedback shared is rooted in observed Behaviour, clear on Impact and there's a good sense of what to Do differently, or the Dialogue to be had. In this bitesize and practical 15 minute self-led course, you can revisit and practice with BID — as well as dig into some broader tactics for giving and receiving feedback well.