Course Pack: Building Confidence

This curated collection of resources supports much of the content covered in our Building Confidence workshops. Included also are our session slides, for internal sharing and refreshing on key themes and ideas.A great way to embed learning is to teach something new to someone else.

Watch: How to Build Your Confidence and Spark it in Others - Brittany Packnett (TED Talk)

American activist, teacher, colleague of President Obama and self-proclaimed ‘confidence expert,’ Brittany Packnett talks us through the value of inspiring confidence in not just yourself, but all around you (be it in the classroom, or among a tribe of maasai warrior women fighting bandit poachers). Packnett is a living, breathing example of what she preaches: self-belief, self-love and understanding, and inspirational confidence.


Resource: Six practical tools for building confidence and self-belief, shared by brain expert Ian Robertson.

Drawn from a recent live workshop with neuroscientist, and author of How Confidence Works, Ian Robinson — we’ve summarised some actionable ideas for building confidence in both yourself and others too. Ian told us that confidence is simply, "the belief that you can do something", and we hope you'll be inspired to explore, experiment and let us know what worked. Delve in here.

Resource: Chatter: Practical Tools to Apply and Harness the Voice in Your Head

We recently had the pleasure of hosting a talk from experimental psychologist Ethan Kross on his new book ‘Chatter: The Voice in Our Head, Why it Matters and How to Harness it.’ Both his book and his talk were jam-packed with intuitive advice for transforming our inner-critic to our inner-coach. We have put together this helpful resource, which outlines some of Dr. Kross’ key points and recommendations.

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The Confidence Mastery eCourse

In this punchy, practical and experimental eCourse, we'll dive into the demons and drivers of confidence; learning immediately actionable approaches for boosting self-belief and sabotaging our own saboteurs.

Watch: A Pro Wrestler’s Guide to Confidence (TED Talk)

Ex-wrestler ‘Cowboy Gator Magraw,’ (real name Mike Kinney) shares his secret to living confidently: identifying and “turning up,” the things that make you unique. “Once someone has been turned up,” he shares “it’s pretty hard to turn down.” It’s a witty, uplifting, fearless and clever talk, and our only complaint is that he doesn’t do his presentation in full costume.


Read: How Confidence Works: The New Science of Self-Belief, by Ian Robertson

An essential read from neuropsychologist, psychiatrist and veteran author Ian Robertson, whose latest book balances the surprising science of confidence with entertaining, insightful stories. Robertson lays bare precisely what it is that makes confident people the way they are, and gives practical, actionable advice on changing behaviour to break out of your comfort zone.

"Love yourself with the same intensity you would use to pull yourself up from a cliff.”
Kamal Ravikant

Read: Love Yourself Like Your Life Depended On It - Kamal Ravikant

Self-care and self-love are foundational building blocks of confidence; how can you throw your belief behind a person you don’t even particularly like? Author Kamal Ravikant’s no-nonsense book states the importance of “loving yourself with the same intensity you would use to pull yourself up from a cliff.” It’s a powerful, short and simple book that provides the bedrock to build your confidence upon.


Watch: Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are - Amy Cuddy (TED Talk)

Stand up straight, shoulders back, smile and the confidence will follow - could it really be that simple? Social psychologist Amy Cuddy takes a scientific approach to the benefits of ‘power posing’: adopting a self-assured posture to boost confidence at times you may find it lacking. The best part? It’s an exercise you can put into action now, whether sitting at your desk or chatting to your boss by the coffee machine!

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