Course Pack: Owning Feedback

These curated resources, many referenced in our Owning Feedback course, will help you to dig deeper into the topic and revisit some of the key concepts covered (noticing, BID and much more besides). We've shared the workshop slides too, for those planning to replay was covered among their teams. Embed your learning by sharing it with others!

Owning Feedback eCourse

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In this bitesize and practical 15 minute self-led course, you'll practice proven ways to purposefully approach giving and receiving feedback within your teams. A great refresher to the live session, or standalone skills-sprint.

Resources and Recommended Reading

Read: Thanks for the Feedback, by Sheila Heen and Douglas Stone

The ultimate guide to giving, receiving and learning from feedback. Harvard Law School professors Heen and Stone's decades of feedback research, including why it so often falls flat or is taken the wrong way, is distilled here, and her TED talk is linked just below. Take a look at this handy resource too for a quick five-minute primer.


Listen: How to Fix Feedback (Amazing If..)

We're enormous fans of the Amazing If.. podcast here at YCN, and this one is especially informative. Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis talk you through practical steps to give better quality feedback, give feedback to managers and higher-ups, and walk you through the super simple C.O.I.N method for structuring your thoughts. For more Amazing If.., take a look at our interview with Sarah just here.


Read: The Feedback Fallacy (HBR)

Do we really grow as team members when we focus on fixing what we're doing wrong rather than strengthening what we're doing right? That's what this article from HBR sets out to explore.

Read: How to Provide Great Feedback When You’re Not In Charge (Farnham Street)

If you and Farnham Street haven't been acquainted yet, this is a perfect starting point. This punchy six-minute read walks through three distinct styles of feedback, when and where to use each one, and gives practical advice on how to get the most from the conversation as both giver and receiver.


Listen: A Pair of Practical Podcasts

If Amazing If.. wasn't enough, here are two more fantastic feedback focused podcasts, from Kim Scott (more on her below) on Giving Feedback to your Boss, and author Jocelyn K. Glei on why All Feedback is Not Created Equal.


Read: Radical Candor: How to Get what you Want by Saying what you Mean, by Kim Scott

As a leader or a manager, how do you balance empathy and assertiveness? Where is the sweet spot where you're maintaining good relationships with your team, and also pushing them to be the best they can be? That's what Kim Scott explores in Radical Candor, laying bare her years of experience working as a successful manager at Google, Apple and others on paper. Take a look at her great talk at First Round Review too, it's linked just below.

Micro Learning: Feedback Fundamentals


This micro-learning course, delivered across five experimental daily doses, will put feedback fundamentals in focus — giving you practical insights into boosting your own development and how to help others to continually learn and grow.