Course Pack: The art of saying No (and how to say Yes)

We hope these curated resources, many referenced in our bitesize Art of saying No (and how to say Yes) course, will help to deepen your understanding on the topic — and will be useful to point others towards too. We've shared the facilitator workshop slides too, so you can replay what was covered among your teams. Be proactive, and learn by teaching!
Download and use the session slides

Curated resources and recommended reading

Read: The Art of Saying No, by Damon Zahariades

This incredibly punchy read covers the ground that a lot of other books, podcasts and videos don't; how important saying no to things is for not just your professional life but your energy, happiness and general self-care.


Read: How to Say No to Taking On More Work (HBR)

A thought provoking primer from Harvard Business Review


Listen: The Subtle Art of Saying No (HBR)

In this podcast Bruce Tulgan, founder of the management training firm Rainmaker Thinking talks us through the principles of arriving at a strategic “yes” or a well-thought-through no.


Watch: Michelle Tillis Lederman at Big Think

Speaker, author and careers coach Michelle Tillis Lederman offers a super-simple turn of phrase for a guilt free 'no' that protects your energy while keeping doors open for a future 'yes.' It's linked just below.

Read: Yes Man, by Danny Wallace

A funny, thought-provoking memoir on both the power and pitfalls of saying yes to everything that lands in your lap from the man who did just that...for a whole year!


Listen: How to Say No (and when to Say Yes)

The ever wonderful Amazing If../Squiggly Careers duo give their insights on ditching the script and finding a way of saying 'no' that feels authentic to you.


Read: How to Listen, by Katie Columbus

An important guide from the Samaritans on listening without judgement, encouraging others to open their hearts, and how to talk about how you are feeling.